Banner Festival

Hi guys,

PSA users are always kind to us and we receive so many emails with different opinions about everything. We try to use the suggestions – as far as we are able to make ’em happen – to turn the PSA community into an even better place for everyone.

So, we decided to do something new and fun and exciting. You can see a banner on top of the site, which we used to change before when we had time, but now we want to invite you guys to create the banner.

Rules are pretty simple:
– The size should be: 1920 × 645 pixels (or something like that)
– PSA or PSArips should be on it, duh. Good and big
– A scorpion on the banner would be awesome.
– Black-themed banners are preferred.
– If your banner has a self-designed PSA logo on it, please send the logo separately as well.
– You can make it for special occations like Xmas and even for your own country’s hollidays

You use the form below to send us whatever you like

Note: we want to show our appreciation for your art by doing something back. like if you are a professional, we’d like to write your email/website/weblog on announcement area to boost your profession. Let us know what we can do.

Thank y’all

Update 1:

We received so many beautiful banners, we’ll starting to use them real soon.
Thank you

Update 2:

Due to our server maintenance, we lost some of your files which are submitted after the maintenance. Hope you are kind enough to resubmit them again. Thank you

Update 3:

What we’ve got so far…(click here)

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: txt,jpg,jpeg,png,psd,rar,zip.
Maximum file size: 10mb.

14 Responses

  1. sudeera1153 says:

    PSA Thank You Very Much For Adding Our Inipendence Day Banner!! U are Now very Famous among our citizens who is watching TV SHOWS .. Wish You All The Best PSA.. Keep Your Page Up.. Congaradz From SRI LANKA. 🙂

  2. sachira says:

    thanks for showing our flag to the world, PSA… *SRI LANKA*

  3. medic says:

    “PSA – the future of high-quality small-size rips, today.”

  4. Edward Frye says:

    Just a suggestion: Wouldn’t it be fun to put “PSA – Because size matters.”

  5. PSAdmin says:

    @Admins of PSArips

    is this banner festival already ended? because when I submit a new entry, it’s always keep sending me an “Attachment upload failed.” error. please check if I’m mistaken.

  6. maerym says:

    Impalad 04 and sachira

  7. ProdigalX says:

    I like the design of the Home page banner (Tushar’s), but personally am not keen on the use of “Ripping Professionally” . To me it conotes “We rip as a paid profession, and with quality”. Something like “Quality Ripping” I think would sound better. Plus, as it is, it is spelled wrong. There should be two “l”‘s at the end of “professionally”. So my suggestion would be to keep the design but change the slogan — or at least ask Tushar to correct the spelling.

  8. Dilly says:

    @PSAdmin There is no deadline, it’s not a permanent banner it can change for different occasions and holidays/holy-days etc

  9. Tushar says:

    I’ve Already Send You the Files for your Website.

  10. Tushar says:

    There’s no Deadline.

  11. PSAdmin says:

    When is the deadline of this?

  12. Tushar says:

    I am Tushar Pandey. I had send you the banner for your website.

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