We got some banners you guys created. Thank you.
The ones that bypasses our rules will be shown here. You can discuss about them in the comments.
The most loved banners will be up there the sooner. Write the one you love the most on the comments.


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49 Responses

  1. Dilly says:

    Can’t find it in the gallery but it was up on the site for a while

  2. Dilly says:

    I miss “Stick ’em with the pointy end” can 🙂

  3. charley says:

    I also like Matt-02 as well 🙂

  4. rismyrally says:

    “damon15here-01” is damn creative

  5. Red Hand Devil says:

    The “Maduranga-02” banner is by far my favourite – it’s exceptional, electric & full of energy. Well done Sir / Madam 🙂

  6. charley says:

    I like maduranga-2 the best

  7. PSAdmin says:

    @Admins of PSArips

    is this banner festival already ended? because when I submit a new entry, it’s always keep sending me an “Attachment upload failed.” error. please check if I’m mistaken.

  8. parthpatel643 says:

    Never really understood the significance of the scorpion?

  9. rismyrally says:

    sarath-01 seems perfect for a restaurant sign

  10. udaynatt says:

    I love the one by Aditya Shennai… Minimalistic and awesome

  11. Dilly says:

    Some really awesome banners, but too many with “First Never Follows” come on guys be original with any text…..Be the First, don’t just Follow…..

  12. teddy says:

    Idea for slogan – RIPPING THE COMPETITION


  13. Dilly says:

    I’m going to be very nerdy here but regarding the “The S stands for hope” in udaynatt’s banner, I gather the S really needs to be the actual Superman symbol to mean hope not just a “S” (with no surround). We should think of the Superman symbol is a Shield or family Coat of Arms and Motto and that Kryptonian symbol as a whole means Hope.

    Maybe the Supergirl explanation of the S symbol would be more fitting for PSA “Stronger together”

    • udaynatt says:

      I tried the Superman logo from Man of Steel. It was surprisingly tricky removing the pentagon from the symbol cause it’s not a regular straight geometric symbol, but when i was finished, It didn’t look that good that way, Trust me. This one looks better 🙂

      • Dilly says:

        My point was that the Superman pentagon is part of the Superman symbol you can’t have one without the other. I wouldn’t of bothered removing it just put a proper superman symbol in (complete with pentagon) and put a P to the left and A to the right of it. This is a TV and Movie site !

        • udaynatt says:

          actually I did make another one. I didn’t remove the pentagon completely though, and it looks good too. PSA hasn’t updated the list with mine yet… maybe they’ll show it tomorrow.

          • Dilly says:

            I like it ?.

            • Dilly says:

              I’ve sent my own very simple and ‘retro’ version in of ‘your idea’ but used the whole pentagon logo and different text. It is basic but I think it still looks pretty even if it doesn’t have a scorpion !

  14. wookie7 says:

    My vote goes to harshthehellrider-01, simple and kwalitee, but why just have one and then not see the others again?

    The way they rotate now is cool, or maybe end up with a top 10 and rotate those?

    Just signed up to say that really, and to say thanks because there’s some truly great work happening here, top coding, great results and it’s much appreciated

    wookie7 out :o)

  15. higgons says:

    Some excellent banners here. Great job all who submitted! \

    I keep coming back to Alex.Earl-01’s banner — it has this simplicity to it, it’s minimalism at its finest, it’s simply elegant. Namit.Halakhandi’s banner is a close second in my opinion, just gets to the point. Again wonderful job all.

  16. Pasindu88 says:

    Sachira-Kalhara 01 & Alex.Earl-01 are the best

  17. Hoxxy says:

    Sadly it looks like mine has been resized and lost some quality in doing so, I guess you can see the concept/idea I was going for but will re-submit a 1200×403 for its replacment.

  18. Red Hand Devil says:

    Some good one’s there & well done to everyone who submitted 🙂

    Personally speaking – I quite liked the one we had. Very classy I thought – maybe minus the “First Never Follows” slogan, because Adidas has used that in the summer of 2016. Just pure coincidence of course – great minds thinking alike etc. 🙂

  19. Mr.White says:

    I like Anshul’s (2) banner the BEST !!!!

  20. Tushar says:

    Thank You jeser00 for Your Suggestion. As per your words i have changed the slogan. Again Thank You.

  21. Vandak says:

    we walk togethr?

  22. phantom4000 says:

    Sachira Kalhara has made a spelling mistake on two of them – “together” is missing the second ‘e’.

  23. simranwadhwani says:

    Great work guys! My favorite is Alex’s.

  24. jeser00 says:

    I like PSA-Banner-Alex.Earl-01.png
    and PSA-Banner-Tushar-01.png but definitely without the “ripping professionally” words, instead of that you should put something like “Pro-Quality” or “Professional Quality” or “Best Quality In Smaller Size”

  25. TAKER says:

    tushar 01

  26. JDilshan says:

    Alex’s Banner is Good

  27. YKing says:

    Alex is good too.

  28. YKing says:

    Biohazard is the best so far…

  29. The Author says:

    I liked Impaled’s art the best.

  30. Zarry says:


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