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how to download from psarips

Some people aren’t familiar with our new download system. So, we decided to create a little tutorial to avoid confusion.

How to download in Windows/ Click to download

How to download andriod

How to download ios

how to download psarips MAC

I hope it’s not much difficult to do… 🙂

If you get "disable your adblocker error"

Note: In rare cases, if you faced “disable your adblocker error” on even after you disabled the adblocker, you just need to clear your browser’s cache and try again.
You can Google how to do so or you can use the path below:

Chrome(PC): Settings->Advanced->Privacy and security->Clear browsing data->Cached images and files(uncheck other boxes)

Firefox(PC): Options->Privacy & Security->Cached Web Content->Clear Now

Android: Settings->Apps->(Chrome/Firefox/etc.)->Storage->Clear Cache

Just make sure to put the site on your whitelist to avoid future problems.


16 Responses

  1. udaynatt says:

    How is it that when in video, you click “I’m not a robot” once and its verified, whereas I have to click pictures of cars and street signs to verify myself every time?

  2. lynx says:

    Much prefer this new system except that the number of captchas is crazy. Always at least 10 times and sometimes I can get it right 20 times and still it wants me to do it again. Why?

    Logging into the site the captcha is fine, once or twice and in, so how come the captcha to get to linx is so crazy and frustrating?

    • lynx says:

      I just downloaded the webrip of The Good Fight and there were just TWO CAPTCHAS.

      TWO – now that’s what I’m talking about… awesome man!!

      Hope that’s going to be the new setting – thanks 🙂

  3. DBGulp says:

    Google reCaptcha sucks! If you are on a DSL connection, it’s a resource hog. Stop downloading to solve a captcha to get links to download. What a cluster f*** ! Luckily not all of PSArips’ links require solving the hated captcha.

  4. elCon says:

    New way is more more better than before .. Keep this 😀 .. add part is also easy to understand and deal with 😉

  5. ProdigalX says:

    In the PC version (I did not watch the others) it might be helpful to show the need to go back and click on Linkshrink Continue button 2 or 3 times before the tab with the links opens. I think some might get confused at this point.

  6. D3m0N81 says:

    I don’t like new browser windows/tabs popping, I don’t mind ads & captcha on a single page.

  7. surfury says:

    Thanks guys. Works like a dream, compared to the previous version. Don’t forget reCaptcha raises its ugly head most times.

  8. GoldBerg_44 says:

    I keep getting “Enter Correct captcha” over and over.

    • GoldBerg_44 says:

      I enter it correctly more than 10 times in a row and still get the same message. “Enter Correct captcha”.

      • GoldBerg_44 says:

        I tried three different browsers “Firefox, Chrome, and Edge”. Still the same result. “Enter Correct captcha”.

        • ProdigalX says:

          If I may ask, which file specifically are you trying to download? Is it perhaps an older one? I don’t get work challenge captchas at all with new files.

          Also, did you try disabling your any adblockers GLOBALLY, or at least on each page that the process sends you too? Sometimes it’s not enough just to disable it on the PSA site (in fact with no popups there any longer, it shouldn’t really make any difference at PSA itself, but only at the ad sites).

          One other suggestion, try running it through a VPN to see if it works.

          • ProdigalX says:

            Oops. That should be WORD, not work, challenge captions.

          • GoldBerg_44 says:

            Thanks for your reply. I tried a couple of links like Legion and Designated Survivor.
            I have the adblocker disabled.
            I’ll try to make a video of the process.

            • It happens to me before. Probably because reCaptcha detect your isp as one user ip address.

              Probably you should try Login or Register, in my case I log on to spaste, and woop, my problem is gone.

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