The Fate of the Furious (2017)


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63 Responses

  1. Raj Shrestha says:

    Dear i would like to download this movie but unable to do so—-some problem at upload torrent link in piratebay or give some solution here.


  2. Ronaldss says:

    One of the best pages. Congratulations and thanks for all

    Your contributions

  3. dragonlord says:

    Damn! quality must be good for you to do 1080p hdrip

  4. Pasindu88 says:

    Finally WEB-DL is out :-). Wating for HEVC release.

  5. Allan says:

    Thanks for the WED-DL

  6. LordPSN says:

    Hey valhalla Will you be doing 1080p 6ch web-dl or should i download 720p web-dl??

  7. nipsenator says:

    pls upload The.Belko.Experiment.2016 & Headshot.2016.INDONESIAN blurays

  8. PsaSuperFan says:

    Please do a 10-bit rip of Dangal(Currently IMDB # 77 on top 250 list)

  9. george says:

    are you going to make the 8-movie collection?

  10. defjam83 says:

    I want 1080p x265 10bit.

  11. eworld says:

    need 1080p 10 bit 8 ch

  12. 7akshay86 says:

    Thanks guys,quality of 8 bit 720p is damn good.

  13. Godwin says:

    Does it have hindi audio

    • Cordcutter says:

      do any of PSA’s releases? (unless specifically noted) By looking at the info you can see it has one audio track. I would say the odds are pretty darn good it’s english, but you could download to double check i guess 😛

  14. fsmulder says:

    Will you be uploading the DTS Audio?

    • fsmulder says:

      Thanks for the DTS Audio! Also thanks for all that you do, it is super appreciated!!!

  15. aarusharnav says:

    Hey Valhalla , will you upload the Extended Director’s Cut which is 13 minutes longer?

    • dragonlord says:

      That’s digital only release, not on bluray, and first let the webrip be available

  16. Ankit2111 says:

    where is 720p 10Bit Bluray 6CH ??

    • Dr.XJ says:

      It comes when the full original BluRay is accessible. It’s not out yet.

      • dragonlord says:

        Doc how do you still reply to these comments? Dude how can you be so polite/patient?

  17. LordPSN says:

    Is this extended?

  18. kk says:

    extended cut plz

  19. Rajeev says:



    • Valhalla says:

      If it is included in the bluray i will add it here . if its not , sorry i cant dub hindi myself as i’m not indian.

      • Rajeev says:

        i know it will not present in bluray, because Hindi BluRay releases late :(, but still after release 10bit 1080p remux FGT version 33.71GB :), probably same source, if in free time you see hindi version bluray,, plz release….

  20. Travisto says:

    The Fate of the Furious (2017) 1080p BD-Remux released on hdclub 1080p 10bit please 🙂

  21. Rajeev says:

    I always go through your comments Mr Valhalla.
    sometimes they are sweet and laughable., majority times, they are rude… Y so?? peoples like you.
    and personally, it hurt when u comment hard/negative… maybe u r frustated, irritated.
    but its your world here, and u r king. request be calm and show your decent side. i repect your work…
    thanks 🙂
    good night
    , This is Rajeev, (Indian)

    BTW ur Nationality?

    • barney underwood says:

      we don’t discuss nationality or any personal info here, concept of torrent and re-encoding works on privacy, you’ll understand this with time.
      for original hindi audio you can refer to many uploaders like hon3y,downloadhub ddr though its just x264.
      so please leave the man (valhalla) alone and let him do his wonderful job.

  22. Ryuu says:

    Hello, @Valhalla…You could start a Discord Channel…that one is pretty handy 😉 Just a friendly suggestion
    BTW There is this new TV Series named “Gypsy”….Its really good thriller TV series starring lovely Naomi Watts 🙂 I wanted to ask If its on your mind to encode it in near future…I will probably wait for your glorious Rip of it xD Peace!

  23. dragonrider says:

    @rajeev hey buddy he is just telling the fact and i dont think he is rude. If u really want hindi audio you can get it from other sites.
    P.S I am also an indian like you

    • Rajeev says:

      are wah,,, achi baat hain…
      but you haven’t understood what i said….

      its for Mr Valhalla, and he understood what i say… my intention is good…

      i am also telling fact, and inka audio 180mb me bhi best hota hai as compare to other so i request them…

  24. ujr says:

    The 1080p WEBRip version is named as 720p. Please correct it out.

  25. thunderwt99 says:

    waiting for extended cut Bluray version. tnx

    • maniakfilm77 says:

      the extended cut only available on digital
      no blu-ray available for extended

  26. yopiewp says:

    are you gonna make HQ version?tnx

  27. Ryuu says:

    Thank you very much for @1080p Extended WebRip
    I will be seeding it for few days, use torrent to get fast speed D/L… enjoy guyz as I already once watched it in cinema…The cast of this movie is pretty good xD *Maybe storyline sucked a bit but Its great movie for those who like Action/Thriller and The Fast (whole series)

  28. maniakfilm77 says: to extract, i tried 2x download and rename (because its different name on part 1 dan part2/3. it said error on part 3. am i missing something here?

    i hope u also do 10bit extended 1080p because no blu-ray version for the extended

  29. Srtanim says:

    Pls confirm that HQ will come or noT?

    • Dr.XJ says:

      I can’t confirm the HQ version. I usually encode an HQ version of good movies but if I’m not satisfied with the final results, I won’t release it.

      • dragonlord says:

        Yeah, last time it took damn 55 hours for the HQ of this movie, of course time depends at which level doc want’s the movie quality to be, but at the rate he’s going after this movie B+

  30. mr.DJ says:

    We are waiting for bluray extended version Please release 1080p 10bit extended version so we can download it today as soon as possible thanks and good work always ??

    • maniakfilm77 says:

      the extended cut only available on digital. NO blu-ray available for extended as describe by universal
      so i hope PSA will do 10 bit from AMZ WEB-RIP

  31. Rajeev says:

    please suggest, should i wait for 10 bit extended 1080p,

    no doubt i click every link, for PSA income.. 🙂

    but still, plz suggest

    • Rajeev says:

      July 11, Bluray Director cut….. so @PSA will definitely release it on/before 14 july 🙂

    • Cordcutter says:

      OMG! This movie isn’t that good, just watch it and don’t worry about it! Or you can just wait 10 years and you can buy the “Ultra HD, Criterion Collection, Remastered, Director’s Cut, Remux Mega Extended Editon, Super Duper Hindi Collectors Edition” bluray.
      I just downloaded the original webdl when it came out here, watched it, and erased it after lol
      It’s not worth wasting the PSA guys’ time asking them to do 100 different versions of the same mediocre movie…

  32. Bre Ezy says:

    the extended cut 720p has different file names for each rar i can’t extract it.let me know how to do it


  33. Rajeev says:


    Some porn ads pop up…… Plz ,… 🙁 sometime i on TV(HDMI) or Projectors

  34. VISHAL BHUSHAN says:

    Hi PSA,
    EXTENDED.DIRECTORS.CUT.720p.WEBRip unable to extract. I think Problem is with PART 2.. Please Fix it Soon.

  35. Valhalla says:

    Sorry but this post is turning in to a place for unnecessary requests and chat . I close the comments for now and will enable later.