Gold (2016)

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8 Responses

  1. praveen says:

    Bro the video quality is less, does the movie video quality is average like doctor strange,

    Because there will be no much quality difference in your web-dl and brrip encodes of yours.

    • gustavo69 says:

      you can not find any diamonds or gold in Indonesia. I can not let you steal any of my country's legacy. over my dead body, mudd… LOL

  2. ncaa76 says: site is being flagged as a malware site, please remove and use linkshrink.  Thanks

    • Valhalla says:

      Well, sorry but it is what it is . and i did not see any malware alerts.

    • deltapak says:

      Don't see any malware alerts on my end.

      @Valhalla is definately better than linkshrink. Please keep using it. With linkshrink, half the time your spaste link won't open and it would show a blank page instead.

    • Cordcutter says:

      please remove lol  dont use it if you dont like it, there are plenty of others.  that one works fine for me and is one of the faster ones.

  3. Jarvis Tetch says:

    waiting for 10bit

  4. arreddy9 says:

    10bit bluray


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