The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)


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  1. nazarinlaw says:

    Can you upload less than 500MB WEB-DL OR SD print ?

  2. navin_ad says:

    How about the Civil War rips? The quality is quite exceptional for a TC rip. If you need the source, it's from

  3. rlsgame says:

    Thanx for all your hard work.

    Waiting for 1080p

    PS: Im just wondering why you start ripping to 720p then 1080p, Qualité matter my friend most of people now have at least 42 inch TVs, so I think most of them waiting for 1080p first

    • Valhalla says:

      No , most people do not have high end hardware 🙂 . me for example , i have a very normal tv that can’t play x265 🙂 .

      • rlsgame says:

        !! all video here are x265 !! Im not talking about codecs, Im talking about resolution

      • mitotsu says:

        agreed 100%. never stop posting 720p first Valhalla *thumbs up*

      • peacemaker699 says:

        Please keep uploading 720p first, the file size of 1080p prints are huge and people with no external hard disks doesn't always have the luxury to store them, so always try to upload 720p first and in a low size as possible. Besides your 720p prints have great quality (audio & video), better than YIFY i must say, i have a friend who have 49" SONY 4K TV and i copied the 600MB Deadpool print you uploaded and played in it and the clarity was awesome, and then i played a YIFY movie and it was clear that your print was better, so keep up the good work my friend, you're doing it great

    • WizNick says:

      there are also people with slow internet…*looks at the 4mbits DSL and….*

  4. nipsenator says:

    tnx doc and valhalla . waiting for 10bit 😉

  5. austenwhd says:

    Thank you.

  6. TXA1 says:

    Thanks ! Valhalla for 1080p.10bit 🙂 

  7. heylol says:

    vallhala eng hdmv pgs subtitle plz upload if u can

  8. klpd says:

    nice work dude. and thanks for hindi audio.


  9. Prateek says:

    Wow man, PSA doing dual audio rips with Hindi as second audio.

    Thanks Doc & Valhalla

    Hope for more rips in future

  10. nipsenator says:

    @valhalla is that possible upload Confirmation 2016 Bluray . tnq and doc for these new movies 😉 

  11. GuckyRdU says:

    Hi Valhalla,  your filesize/quality ratio is just perfect! I know no other site offering comparable ratios. Sometimes you offer french and spain lines… would it be possible to add more often a german line too? Thx

  12. faisal ফয়সাল says:

    thanks for dual audio version

  13. DesiRockerZ says:

    thanks for Hindi Audio..


  14. porter44 says:

    Can you upload the DTS audio for this movie. Thanks if you can

  15. pakumondal says:

    Thank you for Hindi audio, please add audios separatly in DTS or AC3.

  16. DesiRockerZ says:

    hey bro..

    r u planning to encode first part of this movie??


  17. Rajeev says:

    Sir, i was downloading, dual audio 10bit 1080p print…
    🙁 0kbps,

    please reply if possible.

  18. Rajeev says:


  19. Rajeev says:

    sry…. Caplock off… 🙁 :'(
    actually, i was filling form that’s y, it was on. no intention of that, u too know….

    downloaded…, thanks for fulfilling my wish for this time and previous one (kingsglaive)

    after commenting, I redownloaded torrent and done several times update tracker, then started download…

  20. mrmyst says:

    “The.Huntsman.Winters.War.2016.EXTENDED.2160p.10bit.HDR.BluRay.8CH.x265.HEVC-PSA” ist very bad colors. ?

  21. eca2424 says:

    You are amazing!! Thanks for 2160p.10bit

  22. Srtanim says:

    Please use 12bit or HQ in every movies, So that we can all play. 4k is not playing perfectly.

  23. RockTheKasbah says:

    Umm… Can you seed the extended 720p 10bit copy please?

  24. smd says:

    So correct me if I’m wrong, but since the 2160p source is listed as Blu-Ray (and not UHD BluRay), your 2160p release is essentially an upscale, and the main benefit is just the HDR?

    • Valhalla says:

      This movie is new and definitely shot with a decent camera. the rest is not our problem really . we did an encode from a source and thats it . you can watch the sample and download if you like it . and this is not a forum , so if you want to discuss this kind of stuff there are plenty of forums to go about 😉

      • smd says:

        I’m just trying to verify that the original source was a from a Blu-Ray, and not a UHD Blu-Ray capture, that’s all. I wasn’t trying to discuss the merits of upscales or anything like that. It was confusing to see 2160p and Blu-Ray in the same release, so I just wanted to get some clarification and make sure it wasn’t mislabled or something.

      • smd says:

        It wasn’t my intention to criticize either. Sorry if it came off like that.

        • godalmighty says:

          AFAIK,`til now no one can pass the HDCP2.2 protection
          so all you see the 4K version, it must been upscaling version

          • smd says:

            There was one disc that was cracked (Smurfs 2 I think), but some other 2160p releases have been stream captures from UHD BD sources which are different from direct rips (not quite as high quality, but better than upscales). So basically not all of them are upscales necessarily, which is why I was wondering about this.

          • dragonlord says:

            Both of you are too much. 2160p & UHD is the same thing, they put whatever they in the name, what does it matter
            Bluray has AACS2 protection, which no one knows how they are bypassing or using some other loophole.

  25. godalmighty says:

    more 4k hdr to come…thanks @valhalla
    I enjoyed Inferno n will enjoy this one too

  26. fzh2016 says:

    thanks @valhalla

  27. Red Hand Devil says:

    Thanks a million Val – you’re an absolute legend as always, buddy..

    For folks being critical of uploads – may I remind them not to bite the hand that feeds them & show respect as always to Valhalla. This is the best site around (i’m on loads aswell) for all my 720p needs – both in movie & tv entertainment, so it baffles me how folks can moan when the quality is absolutely superb -not to mention subtitles provided within the upload, if needed to avail of.

    Legend bloke & legend site!

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