Inferno (2016)


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  1. Travisto says:

    1080p please 🙂

  2. elexlans01 says:

    Thank You And Are You Going To Upload SERIES In 1080 BluRay HEVC X265 10Bit In Future?

    Lkie MR.Robot S02 And The LeftOver S02

  3. MyHorizon says:

    Please upload Max steel , Thanks

  4. kianoosh619 says:

    thanks. please encode and uploads other chapter:

    The Da Vinci Code (2006)

    Angels & Demons (2009)​


  5. amojan says:

    1080P 10bit Please

  6. amojan says:

    I'm greatfull of you so much

  7. Cryman says:

    Hello. Can you tell me what app do you use to convert audio to HE-AAC format? I want to watch this film with dubbing in my native language, but for some reason the AC3 track ends up being 2 times shorter than the original.

  8. n3fansub says:


    HDR and 10 bits are the same thing…

  9. godalmighty says:

    wow…4K plus HDR…i`m gonna try it
    btw Power Rangers has not so good quality, maybe should up a little bit with the bitrate ratio

  10. ujr says:

    Thanks a lot!
    The size is awesome too.

  11. TVfan says:

    Hey Valhalla, can u pls link us a video or something on how to do that hdr thing…there are too many ways online available and I don’t know which one is the best. You are probably the best one to decide so please.

  12. eca2424 says:

    Thanks a lot!
    The size is awesome.
    Waiting more 2160p hdr movies.

  13. joshy says:

    thanks quality is amazing.could anyone tell which tv can support hdr would be awesome.And thanks for your time and effort Val and Dr.

  14. Srtanim says:

    After using Madvr, Audio is good but Video still slow. Any solution? And 12bit is also work fine.

  15. asanesslights says:

    Excellent size for 2160p HDR! I hope more movies will follow!

  16. Rajeev says:

    @Valhalla, Whats next in 12 bit, or 10bit HDR (any resolution).

    plz reply, but calmly. :p

    got Kingsglaive movie, thanks for Seeding.

  17. Cryman says:

    Just wanted to clarify – if I do not have a monitor that supports HDR, I’ll still be able to enjoy it if I install MadVR and setup my video player to use it to render H.265?

  18. RockTheKasbah says:

    My laptop has an i5 4200U processor and 4 GB RAM. I installed MadVR, changed the renderer in MPC-HC as you showed in the image and restarted MPC-HC. Still I can’t play the video properly. The video lags severely, and the audio at times. Is there anything else I should do to make it play smoothly? Is an i5 enough?

  19. Lazy says:

    Amazing 4K plus HDR…i`love it

    more coming or ?

  20. defjam83 says:

    Thanks Valhalla please french audio externe upload

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