Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2017)


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Chief 01

Hey Guys, I just read your announcement about ads and all, And I think most of us should be fine by it. Now I was thinking that why don’t you just use some seed boxes instead of uploading on so many file servers, Most of them we are not able to access. Torrents are sure and easy way for file sharing. It may, I guess reduce your costs of using those servers.


I like the variety of file hosts, most of them free and fast. I am normally a torrent guy, but PSA torrents are obviously tracked by the movie/tv companies as I have received complaints from my isp about PSA releases (I know, thats my fault, I should use vpn or something but I’m cheap). It’s good to have both. As far as the ads go, yeah, the ads are no problem for me (even though there are some nasty pop-ups from here that just completely lock-up my computer, takes like 20 minutes to force quit out of everything lol) But I can deal with it, it’s understandable that you need some money to pay for the free service you provide to us.


1080p Needed