13 Reasons Why


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  1. mercury001 says:


  2. psapomme says:

    Thank you for the upload! Can you also upload the special episode "13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons" please? 

  3. hashem says:

    a little bit late but thanks though

  4. XG says:

    Thanks Valhalla

  5. RICHI_rich says:

    Hey Valhala, are you gonna release 1080p version of this? please reply so that I can decide whether to wait for 1080p or go on ahead and download 720p. I would like to download and watch it in 1080p. Anyways please reply, I'm sure there is someone like me out there also waiting for 1080p. Also as always thanks for your awesome work.

  6. dragonlord says:

    Hell Yeah!! I knew you"ll throw this at us with a bang. Good Things do take time 

  7. TVfan says:

    Will you pls notify on telegram when you upload 1080p pack?

  8. Dogba k says:

    thanks man, but the size is big, why?  i mean i download x265 cuz it is small right? 

  9. reza_m47 says:

    finally *-*
    tnx guys

  10. Patraranjit0 says:

    Finally the reason to comment a thank you 😇 

  11. Razzmatazz says:

    I think we deserve 1080p for that waiting, maybe even 4K for the enthusiasts.

  12. TXA1 says:

    THIS IS Valhalla 😎💥  The One 💚💜🖤💙💛💖💘💝

    Thanks!!! 😍😘😘

  13. little-girl says:

    finally , thank you <3

  14. Darku says:

    Little bit late, already downloaded 720p from somewhere else 🙁 
    But this series deseves a 1080p 10bit version. I will wait for it. Hope you're gonna release it soon. 

  15. 7amoodNT says:

    Can you do the new miniseries Guerrilla please. thanks!!

  16. Atoz says:

    For some reason, 2giga.link doesn't like to play well with others. All the other file hosts put a DASH before "PSA" in their file names (as in "…x265.HEVCPSA…"), but 2giga puts a DOT there (as in …x265.HEVC.PSA…"). That's fine when it's a single RAR download, but when there are multiple RAR parts, as above, this small naming irregularity causes unpacking problems if you haven't gotten all the parts from 2giga.

    So be advised, if you want 2giga parts to unpack properly along with parts from other hosts, you have to change that DOT to a DASH first.

  17. 7akshay86 says:

    That 2160p source explains this site's motto pretty much ,best quality in smallest possible size,thank you Team PSA.

  18. mitotsu says:


  19. little-girl says:

    please add the special episode "13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons" , if it's possible

  20. khairubd says:

    thanx, pls uplod 1080p…..

  21. Darku says:

    VALHALLA Hey, I hope you're gonna release this in 1080p 10bit quality soon, when you do, please release the special episode called, " 13 Reasons Why : Beyond the Reasons" . Please. 

  22. gustavo69 says:

    Tony is a great guy. He was always there for Clay. Anything about the girl named Hannah doesn't seem to bother me but Tony's bromance. He's ust a great guy like my formerly ex best friend who were gone without any news ten years ago

  23. Niklaus says:

    The original file is 4.09GB, but downloading from torrent it shows it to be 4.4GB. Why?

  24. Darku says:

    Give us an update about 1080p 10bit!!! @VALHALLA

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