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43 Responses

  1. Neeraj says:

    your videos both the print and size are awesome
    can you please upload all of the seasons of bones.

  2. bublebee says:

    yes..please upload all bones season in x265 😀

  3. Batman says:

    Can you please upload Bones s10e14?

  4. unyk says:

    The download link is not enabled for Epi.16. 🙁

  5. daredevil says:

    Please upload episodes 17 & 18 …….. 😛

  6. amir says:

    Please Encode All Bones Season . Please. 😳
    Thanks. 😛

  7. gargdada says:

    Sorry to SPAM here.. But couldn’t find a request section..

    The Wonder Years DVD’s are out.. Please release x265 version.. plzz plzz plzz

  8. NABIL HD says:

    😎 ❗ 😛

  9. kaushal.r.vyyas says:

    Hi, Will you Please Upload rest of the seasons
    Bones 1 – 10 in X265 format
    I know you are shorthand right now.
    But i love the series and IMDB ranking is also good than other new series that you are uploading right now.
    So, it’s a request to Dr.XJ. Please do whatever you can.

  10. NABIL HD says:

    Waitting first episode from S10

  11. MOS says:

    Hey Dr. XJ the episode 2 of Season 11 is also out…Are you not going to do the Season11 Of Bones? Plz do reply

  12. MOS says:

    hey Dr Xj have you stopped doing bones ?

  13. tiagorodrigueez says:

    Bones will be updated?

  14. MOS says:

    hey Dr Xj first of all thanks for uploading bones so quickly secondly the episode 4 is missing S11e04 that is I dont know if you missed it or are busy encoding it..Just drawing your attention!

  15. MOS says:

    Thanks for episodes 4 and 6 Dr.Xj

  16. tiagorodrigueez says:

    Thanks bro

  17. viewerx says:

    Episode 8 from season 11 is still missing. Could you please add it? Thanks

  18. perspicacia says:

    Any chance of latest episode – S11E11? Thanks

  19. MOS says:

    hey guys are you still doing bones? the new episode is out!

  20. asric says:

    Any chance for S11E11 and newer? Thanks!

  21. viewerx says:

    Thanks for the new episodes. But is there any chance you'll upload the missing episode S11E08 from this season?

  22. mercury001 says:

    can someone seed Bones.S11E15.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA.mkv..?

  23. unyk says:

    Thanks for the fast upload.. xD

  24. viewerx says:

    Bones.S11E20.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-NTb  is out as source for the 720p WEB-DL for S11E20.

  25. RVSh says:

    plz upload all season plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. perspicacia says:

    S12E04 please


  27. hummer13 says:

    no more Web-dls anymore ?

  28. ibrahim219 says:

    please re-SEED Bones.S12E11.720p.HDTV.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA.mkv

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