Chicago P.D.

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  1. DesiRockerZ says:

    thanx 😎

  2. jj says:

    Wow so fast
    Thank you very much

  3. Maaru says:

    Pls upload episode 19…..
    Thanks for the hard work u guys do.

  4. Saud128 says:

    1st I download Chicago.PD.S02E20.720p.HDTV.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA…but then I’m re-downloading Chicago.PD.S02E20.720p for 148 MB Web-dl…WOW….thnx u so much…

  5. Name * says:

    S01 720p PLZ 😳

  6. xxkenxx says:

    small size rip pls? 80-100 mgbyte

  7. sigmaphi says:

    thanks for the complete upload 😎

  8. Reus96 says:

    The Last Kingdom please

  9. hollowdra says:

    I thought you won’t do third season, I almost missed it so thank god I noticed that you did 🙂
    your encodes are like addiction to me I don’t know what is going to happen if I don’t get my daily dose so please keep them coming 😀

  10. LawlietL says:

    Hey Doc! S03E02 Web-dl is corrupted! Please re-upload it … It glitches at 29:43 and the rest of part is corrupted till the end.. Just check it and let me know if that is mistake on my end.. Thanks in advance

    • Dr.XJ says:

      You’re right…
      Unfortunately it’s not complete. I don’t know why this happens lately.
      I’ll release a repack version soon.
      Thanks for reporting it 🙂

      • Prince says:

        Dr. XJ pls upload the new movies in 720p brrip such as: The End of the Tour, Mr. Holmes, Vacation. There aren’t many uploads in movies since some time. Understand that you’re busy with lots of new television shows, but it would be great if you could find some time to upload these movies. Waiting eagerly! Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. LawlietL says:

    hah! now that I just saw you using the 1.8xx version for 8bit HEVC … the problem was with the version….. If i remember correctly there was this glitchy version that had some buggy coding … Anyways my point is… If you want to check on where you can know about whats stable or whatsoever problem…. Just use this forum:
    or use “YuukiVani” release version 😉
    I hope you get what you were looking for xD I, personally, prefer “Yuuki” version

  12. LawlietL says:

    using this build version – x265-YuukiVani-1.8+2-55a4a9b920ff+12@6f34ef2dc328 which seems to be pretty stable as far as I checked it with lots of different settings… It has come a long wayyy since 1.5 + xD For eg: Filters like Aq-mode “3” as k-mod H264 which is pretty awesome and now that glitch where vbv-bufsize and vbv-maxrate had to be 12000 for level 4 lol but now we even have Level 5 for HEVC….the time it took for some heavy filters to pass was too high but now even with veryslow settings we can do it in less time as compared to previous versions! damn…. I just love encoding 😉 and there

  13. LawlietL says:

    Hey Doc! just a reminder…. would you reupload episode 2? ^o^

  14. LawlietL says:

    hah! >.< i know that feeling… right xD
    i will wait patiently @Doc no worries ^o^

  15. LawlietL says:

    Thanks doc!! for the REPACK and E04, 5 and 6 🙂 Time to watch the series from where I left xD

  16. LawlietL says:

    Finally!! Been waiting for the next episodes ^o^
    Thanks @Doc

  17. kasunkarunathilaka says:

    hey @Doc…why most ur lots of torrents are seedless?? i’ve been trying to download csi cyber season 1. it have no any seed at all. how can i download that? thanx @Doc all ur hard work. i appriciate it

  18. hollowdra says:

    thanks for ep 10 waiting for WEB-DL version

  19. LawlietL says:

    Been a while since I watched this series xD

    Time to pick it up from where I left but Looks like S03E09 is missing…. Please do encode & upload it ASAP ^o^

    Thanks 😀 

    • Ryuu says:

      Thank you for EP17 Web-Dl ^o^ Please do encode Episode 09 of Season 3 which seems to be never uploaded and anyhow, that will make my collection rather Complete for S03 as of now 🙂

  20. hollowdra says:

    thank you for the fast WEB-DL release of ep17 😀

  21. ahmedOK says:

    Peaky Blinders S03 Please!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Adam.Mc says:

    Hi there

    I can't find S03E09 seems like it's missing. Please upload it


  23. hollowdra says:

    Thank you for season 4, I hope you will be doing WEB-DL/WEBRip for this season :).

  24. Ryuu says:

    Please do encode & upload S01 (if possible)


  25. perspicacia says:

    What you posted as Chicago.PD.S04E06.720p.HDTV.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA is not ep6 but a repeat of S04E02

  26. perspicacia says:

    Episodes 7 & 8 please – Thanks

  27. hollowdra says:

    Thanks for ep 9 web-dl, waiting for ep 10 too. whenever you can 🙂

  28. hulk9 says:

    thank u, will u plz upload Nip/Tuck (2003-2010) complete tv series,
    plz do soon if possible in 480p & 720p becoz its only available in 35GB size only, plz reply whether you will upload or not

  29. Eathan says:

    Please Re-seed episode 10th and 11th of 4th season version-web dl..

  30. perspicacia says:

    Dr.XJ – Loved your comment on the Announcements today about introducing x265 (HEVC) to the world.  Thank you for doing so.  I bought a Minix X8-H Plus purely for its capability to play HEVC and your site is my first port of call every morning.  Unfortunately my Minix cannot play 10bit HEVC so I am waiting with baited breath for the next gen Minix which will be able to and then I will be able to enjoy your 10bit HEVC uploads aswell.

    Please keep up the great work!

  31. perspicacia says:

    s04E19 please – Thanks

  32. hollowdra says:

    Waiting for S04E19, anytime you can. Thank you.

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