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  1. Subsmaster says:

    Hi, Valhalla, Dr. XJ,

    Episode 2 Mega Links is of Prison Break.

    Could you please post the correct link?


  2. perspicacia says:

    Episode 3 Please

  3. timeywimey_11 says:

    Hey Valhalla, Dr.XJ.
    It seems like the mega link for the 2nd ep is actually for prison break. Do fix that. Thanks! Big fan of PSA!

  4. thnok says:

    Hi, the links of episode 2,3 are of the links of Wrecked Episodes. 😐 can you please fix it?

  5. DBGulp says:

    It seems that some of the release groups are finally correcting the Amazon (AMZN) WEBRip source labeling.. Some are, currently, releasing AMZN WEB-DL and AMZN WEBRip versions. I suspect, the WEBRip label will gradually go away from the sources that are actually web downloads and not web rips. I see iT (iTunes) WEB-DL source listed for the latest Downward Dog releases. I hope this source labeling continues. Generally,. the higher bitrate source (better source) is from Amazon. While a WEB-DL is considered better source than a “true” WEBRip, the AMZN WEBRip label screwed up the hierarchy..

    This is all also true of Netflix (NF) as a source.

    The one negative. I can think of, is for Netflix original movies. They were labeled as web rips which made it easy to to distinguish them from a web download movie that would, likely, be released on BluRay. For the downloader that waited for a PSA BluRay rip over a web download, the distinction may not be so clear for a Netflix web download movie that may not be released on BluRay.

    Perhaps, the good folks at PSA can list original content, that may not go to BluRay, differently. “Grab it now, Hulu original. No BluRay in sight.” 🙂

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