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81 Responses

  1. Khashi says:

    still waiting for the season 1 bluray!
    how long is it gonna take ? 😀

  2. aarusharnav says:

    Hey Valhalla , if it is possible could you please do Fargo Season 2 Bluray. Its out there. Please reply

  3. Nachimuthu says:

    plz do season 2 pack. waiting for ur response..

  4. Nachimuthu says:

    does this season pack in ur list? I’m abt to finish the first season. if u gng to do the pack, I’ll wait 🙂 or i ll have to go with the individual episodes. do reply mate 😉

  5. nik.colas says:

    Plzzz upload season 1 too plzzzzzzz 

  6. mercury001 says:

    Do u have any plans for 1080p 10bit HQ from blueray sources (for ex: Fargo.S02.1080p.Blu-ray.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-jimsong   – 125gb) for season 2.?

  7. sam83 says:

    One of my favourite shows, thx for the work!! allready busy downloading season 2..  are there plans for season one in 1080p? in x265 its only crap i find in 720p

  8. deltapak says:

    Thanks for this! One of the best shows out there!

  9. MasJam says:

    Valhalla plz upload 10bit WEB-DL of Season3 Episode1.

    This show deserves the best…

    Thanks in advance.

  10. TVfan says:

    Gr8 upload…but a just a little suggestion….if u r going to continue doing webrip version pls consider ntb(Netflix) source…this one has too much white backlight whereas ntb has perfect brightness and has richer colours…..pls do consider my suggestion…thanks and keep up with good work…

    • jayel says:

      I'm leaning towards the Amazon version which is the DEFLATE encode, since the Amazon source has more details when compared with the Netflix source. Also the grain is more fine in the amazon too compared with Netflix which is quite odd looking.

      And about the brightness, Netflix has more warm color palette comapred with the Amazon, which has a more cool color palette. Maybe the fact might be Amazon source has more gamma and due to that a slight difference between the blacks and the yellow colors tend to appear which is to me more natural looking. The iTunes source also has the same color palette as the Amazon.

      Another pro for Amazon source is the video bitrate is higher than the Netflix source (13.6 Mb/s vs 6082 kb/s).

      Comparisons below

      DEFLATE 1080p – http://imgbox.com/rwZHduK8

      NTb 1080p – http://imgbox.com/TpeCzkSZ


  11. jayel says:

    Hi Valhalla and XJ,

    It would be a nice addition to include the Non-SDH subtitle in the encode as well. Just a suggestion since SDH is mostly used for hearing impared users. I think some users would appreciate it.

    Thanks as always.

  12. TVfan says:

    Don't worry guys keep doing deflate only. I tried it with madvr and it looks much better👍

  13. asric says:

    So are we posting to the top or the bottom on this show? You have the latest episode at the top, but the episode before it at the bottom.

  14. Vespa says:

    S03E02 WEB-DL?

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