Game of Thrones

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  1. Mrxxx says:


    S06E01 WEBDL ?


  2. SKULSHADY says:


  3. rakajihadi says:

    "The man who knew Infinity"

    Can you please try to upload it on PSA. Thanks in advance.

  4. imbatman says:

    Can make you a create torrent link to download the "complete season file pack"?

  5. th3.fl4sh says:

    Hi. Thanks for the good work! Most of the S01 1080p 10bit individual links are dead. Could you please update them? Perhaps add openload links too? THANKS!

  6. suzzagt1 says:

    Please reupload S01-03 720p Complete Blueray. All the links are dead.

  7. zoklen says:

    Hi !
    I just downloaded all the seasons, and (only) the following links are completely dead :
    – S01 720p Part 3 & 4 
    – from S01E05 to S01E10

    So it's not possible to download Season 1 after the fourth episode.

    Could you on behalf of your infinite kindness reupload one of the above items ?

    Thanks in advance !

  8. Merc says:

    Please reupload all the links, since most of them are dead. No thanks till you update the urls-.-


  9. Merc says:

    You might want to either update your links, or delete them. Just effin do it already. PLEASE.

    • ProdigalX says:

      I assume you had a chance to read my later comments before they disappeared with yours into cyberspace. But in case you didn't, though I'm not going to repeat them here, I did mention that the Uptobox links seem to be alive yet, at least for the seaon packs. I briefly checked part 1 of the Season 1 pack and s01e02 od the 1080p, if that's your preference. Both links are working at Uptobox. So if you want it, it looks like it's there.

    • ProdigalX says:

      And I doubt there are very many sites like this that go back and check the viability of all their past links. That would be really time consuming, especially for a two-man team that is as busy as they are. I personally would rather have them spend that energy on encoding and posting new shows and movies.

  10. Merc says:

    Heyy! Please delete your links for Season 1, since most of them aren't viable. Check out the So1 Part-3,4

  11. mastermasher says:

    Can't download Season 3 part  1 from uptobox, can you reupload it please?

    Btw awesome works and thanks man… I've been looking everywhere for a quality GoT

  12. kumarsatyam22 says:

    Thnks PSA for these awesome rips in less size. Thnksl to provide all the season at one place , I had completed downloading all sesons.For those who are complaining that links are not working please give a try to complete season part links.They will work.

  13. Merc says:

    At least please add torrent link… (in a cute way) PLEASE? I beg you. I apologize for my previous child-ish behaviour. 

  14. untitled413 says:

    hey valhalla

    it is surprising to see that the bluray for the 6th season has been out since nov 16 and u have not done the 10 bit encode for the 6th season just like u did for all the seasons previoulsy.

    i know its hard to find time b/w new things but since it is GOT can u plz do the 10 bit encode for the 6th season bluray. reply plz

  15. Douglas says:

    S02 part 3 is completely offline.

    So is S02E03 but I guess re-uploading the individual links would be pointless.

  16. Suhail_MdM says:

    Love you guys!! You are without a doubt the best uploaders out there.

    IDK how to thank you for uploading GOT in such a beautiful 1080p HEVC Quality <3 <3

    P.s: Whenever you feel like it, could you reupload Game.of.Thrones.S01E03.Lord.Snow.1080p.BluRay.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA, please?

  17. gonval says:

    please season 5 in 1080p 8bit.

  18. gonval says:

    reupload Game.of.Thrones.S01E03.Lord.Snow.1080p.BluRay.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA, please?

  19. Merc says:

    PSA peeps. Just re-upload the links for Season 1 pack Part 3 & 4. Everything else works fine AF. PLEASE? I'm pretty sure you can do this much. 

  20. Weapon-XI says:

    Thank you Team-PSA so-so much for Game of Thrones complete season Bluray packs. Today I downloaded all Seasons (S01-2-3-4-5) Complete 720p packs successfully. To the guy screaming all over that all the links are dead, I wanna say Try complete season links, not all the links are dead at least one is working for every (rar) part.

    Thanks again Valhalla Dr.XJ & the whole PSA-Team(if anyone else is) for the upload ! Pls keep up the good !! work.

    God Bless You All !!!

  21. khurranaaryan says:

    Can you please upload torrent for season 1 to 4 as i am not able to download with the provided links due to their large size and my slow download speed. thank you

  22. Rocket says:

    Hello Dr. XJ Could u plz re-upload Season 1 720p Complete Pack PART 3 and PART 4……all the other links are working fine….thnx for the awsome quality and your hard work…..

  23. amrtat71 says:


    season 6 blueray please

  24. john_snow says:

    Please update season 01-03 complete links

    S01 all parts are dead (maybe)

    S02 all part 3 links are dead

    S03 all part 1 links are dead

    If you can please update S01-S04 COMPLETE with torrent, it would be great.

  25. mr meysam says:

    pls the other season 1080p encode you are the best tanx

  26. gustavo69 says:

    i've just downloaded season 1 and 2. Magnificient… i hope the links still working for the next season pack… i'm pessimistic because of.. typical quality tv series. always missing here and there, right, mate? hahaa…

    • john_snow says:

      Do you have the link for season 2 part 3?

      • gustavo69 says:

        All the links work for season 2,3, and 4. all you have to do just try one by one. The problem is there are no working links for season 5 complete pack part 1 and 3. Please, mate (Valhalla). Could you please re-upload to uptobox for me…. best regards for all your hard works. There are no other site can defeat the perfection of PSA version… hope the miracles for season 6 complete bluray soon too. I heard that Ed Sheeran will be the cameo on the last season 7 and that is a promising career… Hail to Valhalla

  27. randy273 says:

    season 1 (720p) part 3,4 links are dead.

    (only link is alive, but the speed is horrible)

  28. shivap1998 says:

    Season 2 part 3 isn't working. Can you please fix it? Loved season 1 BTW. Thanks 😀

  29. Darku says:

    Can you guys upload all seasons in 1080p 10bit BluRay quality ? 

  30. VanGogh says:


    Could you please upload a torrent of all 60 episodes in 1080p?


  31. movieliver84 says:

    please upload every episode in 1080p..early seasons too

  32. polka123 says:


    Game.of.Thrones.S01E03.Lord.Snow.1080p.BluRay.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA.mkv links are dead. Please re-up

  33. ed46 says:

    season 5 ,bluray link solidfile please

  34. m0ck says:

    Because 7th season is coming soon it would be nice if you refreshed previous seasons.
    All links are dead and there is no 1080p version.
    We need:

  35. dragonrider says:

    any plans for game of thrones season 6 in bluray?

  36. Sitelcyon says:

    will there be a webdl version of “the story so far 2017” ?

  37. WildChild says:

    S01, S02, S03, S04, S05 – all links are dead. Please update soon!

    Also, if possible please upload GOT older seasons in 10bit x265 format.

  38. imofficial007 says:

    Will the new Season 7 be uploaded right after the broadcast or will it be delayed?

  39. kenshinmoto says:

    Guys, can you, please, seed the season 6 720P web-DL complete pack? PLEASE!!! Thank you!

  40. Ahmed Ehab says:

    Can you make torrent links for season 1,2,3,4 complete.

  41. aleerul says:

    Season 1 part 3 links are all dead. Fix them please 🙂

  42. Bre Ezy says:

    Is there any way you could reupload the part3 and 4 of season 1 720p bluray.


  43. watcher says:

    Season 2 part 3 all links are dead. Please upload.

  44. glahrbz says:

    just FYI, the uploadboy link for season two part 3 works.
    part 3 and 4 of season 1 are indeed broken and a re-up would be appreciated, thanks a lot in advance!

  45. m0ck says:

    Please reupload all seasons in COMPLETE.1080p.10bit.BluRay.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA

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