Game of Thrones Season 7


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  1. deathangeL14 says:

    Do you have the episode 0?

  2. defjam83 says:

    Good job

  3. Valhalla says:

    I cleaned the comments for the new season.
    Here are the rules for the new season :
    following comments will be deleted without notice :
    The “source” is available . we know . we see it before you .
    I cant play “x” can you do “x” instead? No .
    will you do “completely unrelated title” ? No .
    When will the “720p-1080p-hdtv-webdl-webrip-next episode-my dinner” will be ready ? I will upload when it when its ready . dont worry.
    Please dont post constant thank you’s . You’re welcome , dont worry about it . our pleasure 🙂

  4. rajthesaga says:

    Will we get 2016P Web rip for GoT new episode .Is it possible, Even in future.

    • Valhalla says:

      GOT will not be 4k , ever.

      • rajthesaga says:

        ok. thank you

      • smd says:

        2K sources hasn’t stopped studios from releasing UHD Blu-Rays before. Much if not most of the UHD (4k) Blu-Rays released now are from 2k Digital Intermediates, with upscaling and HDR applied. The later seasons were shot with better cameras, so unless we get an official source saying they won’t do UHD, I wouldn’t rule it out – especially when there’s money to be made.

  5. Trechx says:

    That is a badass cover..I’m stealing it

  6. dragonlord says:

    Looks like AMZN rips are going to be the real deal this time. HDTV guys won’t have to settle for AVS shit or wait for better one & no one will have to wait for WEB-Dl’s for days or even weeks

  7. bakhtier says:

    Your 720p.2CH releases play fine on my device with mx player.But this 720p.6CH isn’t supporting hardware acceleration/hw decoder.Since I won’t be able to touch my pc for a while,is there anyone who can suggest me a fix?Software decoding the video lags a bit and audios get out of sync.

  8. LordPSN says:

    Whats the difference between repack and original episode in GOT s07e01… ?? I mean except size difference is there anything else?

  9. 7akshay86 says:

    Thanks for the 720p 10bit.

  10. Kamouna says:

    What is the best to watch HTV or Wiprip 720 10 bit ?

  11. Flash says:

    What is the difference between webrip and web-dl, E01 webrip is 1hr and web-dl is 1hr1min

  12. torfreak101 says:

    sPaste not working please help … nothing happens when clicking on “Click to Verify” no images are shown I have tried switing browser and disable ( then removed ) my ad block ext. Please help !!!

  13. Simran Singha says:

    Thanks a lot for the 2ch audio brother. Respect for you guys

  14. DashWatson says:

    Thanks for doing 720p.10-bit. Game of Thrones deserves the 10-bit treatment.

  15. elprince says:

    what is better HDTV or WebRIP ?

    • surfury says:

      If you look at the source you should get your answer. 99 times out of 100 the Webrip is always better but it always depends on the source. The HDTV is a few minutes shorter too.

  16. Verizon says:

    Can you please do die hard?
    Thanks 🙂

  17. Nuwantha says:

    I can’t download the files
    I followed methods in download tutorial and after it goes to different web sites.
    plz help

  18. ProdigalX says:

    Valhalla, I think you need to re-post your comment from Monday everyday 😀 .

    By the way, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. There that covers all seven episodes 🙂

    • surfury says:

      fwiw I have an ancient Athlon II X3 which I use as my plex server and HTPC. I cannot even use vlc to play the 10bit 1080p but if I use potplayer it runs seamlessly. Obviously I’m just using it as a player thought that anyone with a crappy PC like mine might like to know that so they can enjoy Valhalla’s gogeous 10bit rips to max. Thanks Valhalla for the great work as ever.

      • ProdigalX says:

        Thanks for the tip! While my laptop is not quite that ancient 🙂 , I also get stuttering at times trying to play PSA 10-bit 1080p encodes, even though I don’t download them very often. I have tried both VLC and MPC with the same results. I end up having to shut down everything besides the player in order to try to limit the effect. Will give PotPlayer a shot.

  19. Ahmed Ehab says:


  20. Bishoy Yousef says:

    It would be great if you provide details about the video files like you used to, Resolution and total bitrate for ex. Thanks.

  21. Dilly says:

    Should I start watching this series from the start, is it any good ?

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