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11 Responses

  1. FreeZe says:


    know you guys are busy, if n when you get a chance can you re-enc uncensored web-dl of ep 01???



  2. rismyrally says:

    Yeah PSA, please do the uncensored Web-dl verion also

  3. FreeZe says:


    mate is ep1 720p web-dl uncensored ??? thank you!

  4. ifness says:

    Hi, the ep 3 is like 6 minutes short

  5. ImagineDragons says:



    is unlimited storage and speed is good. very good. test it.

  6. niks94 says:

    Hi! S01E05 web dl please.. thanks!😊

  7. rismyrally says:

    Please do the Uncensored Web-dl too.

  8. rismyrally says: is much better than in my experience.

    Thanks a lot for the great encodes.

  9. medic says:

    ouo works great. Thanks!

    Much better than recent linkshrink were one had to

    quickly press back after it directed you to the links,

    and repress to get there or risk having to start all over.


    Keep up you great work,

    it (and you) is much appreciated!

  10. fsmulder says:

    Don't forget to create the WEB-DL version for episode 1×09. Many Thanks!!!

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