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  1. ProdigalX says:

    How I wish I had known! I already downloaded a 240MB 480p x264 version earlier today. The GNS has got to be the most fun talk show on television. Always hilarious! Are you guys planning on doing more of these, or was this a one off? If I know there are more coming, I will definitely wait for them (though there are only a few left for the season — till early July, I think.).

  2. perspicacia says:

    Any chance of Ep13?

  3. perspicacia says:

    Any sign of Ep15?


    • ProdigalX says:

      If you are a GNS regular, you know that the last show of the season is a season compilation, which often does not attract as many viewers and encoders. At the moment, there are no sources for e15. If you want PSA quality and size, I suggest you wait a few more days to see if a source comes out and if Doc encodes it. Otherwise, try KAT or a web search.

  4. ProdigalX says:

    Don't know if you guys are intending to continue the GNS with season 20 (I for one hope so 🙂  ), but if you are, and in case you are not aware, the season kicks off tonight with Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Williams.

  5. ProdigalX says:

    I don't know how to make thumbs up smilie in WordPress, so pretend there is one here.

  6. arefinzz says:

    Can you do the people of earth please??

  7. RockTheKasbah says:

    Hello there, ever since I came to know about your rips, I have started only those and not the Shaanig or Mkvcage ones that I used to do earlier. Not only do you give your rips in smaller size, your uploads also have 5 and 6 channel audios for 720p videos, compared to others who give 2 channels for 720p and 5 channels for 1080p ones.

    I would like to know the settings you use to make your videos smaller in size but great in quality. Which software you use and what settings you use. I used the Brorsoft software but I don't know what bitrate to keep, etc and so my HEVC encoded files are smaller compared to the original files, but the quality often suffers.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the great work! Thanks a lot again!

  8. ProdigalX says:

    Valhalla, there is a mixup with the e11 links. I got halfway through a download when I realized I was downloading Hell's Kitchen. At SPaste it say GNS at the bottom, but the links are all for Hell's Kitchen. If you would, let us know here in the comments when this has been fixed. Thanks.

  9. TXA1 says:

    Hi Valhalla 🙂 

    I have a small request, can you upload the new netflix movie (Spectral 2016)
    ty 🙂

  10. ProdigalX says:

    In case you're not aware, GNS always does a special New Year's Eve show, replacing that week's Friday show. So the show is tonight instead of last night.

  11. ProdigalX says:

    Hey Doc. This release is out there. The.Graham.Norton.Show.S20E13.New.Years.Eve.Show.720p.HDTV.x264-TVC. 

    You can find it at Scene Release and at 2ddl(dot)one, plus I think the one at tehParadox might be the same.even though it doesn't say TVC, since it's the same size (999MB). Didn't see a torrent anywhere.


    • ProdigalX says:

      Thanks for e13, guys. I'm afraid I didn't notice that e13 was available — it did not get posted on the Home page (maybe it would be a good idea to still post it there?) — so if my previous post was made after the episode had already been put up by you, I'm sorry for not being more attentive.

  12. perspicacia says:

    Big Red Chair Special please (some might call it Ep14) – Thanks

  13. ProdigalX says:

    Apparently the release groups are calling "episode 14" s20e00 because it is an end of season special (The Big Red Chair). The RTN release at RARBG seems to be the best.

  14. ProdigalX says:

    I'm assuming at this point that you are not planning on doing the season 20 finale. Could you possibly confirm this so that we will know to look elsewhere? Thanks, and very grateful that you have done any of this show at all.

    • ProdigalX says:

      Sorry. my bad. I thought the special was the end of season 20, but it actually will continue till the spring. Last night's show is being listed as e14.

      • Psycho says:

        No, actually it's not. It's S20E13 with Affleck, Stone & that Hot dude:
        and PSA always (and I mean always) release their encodes after every single Encoder out there.
        After shaanig, after RMteam, after sharpyword, after MeGuesta and the list goes on and on and on.
        It's really disappointing.

        • Valhalla says:

          Well , go download those then . what are you doing here ?

          • Psycho says:

            With other shows, I do. But TGNS & SNL are the only ones I come here 'cause this is the smallest 720p.
            For example right now latest SNL which aired last night is here, but TGNS which aired two days ago?

            • Valhalla says:

              I was going to release The.Graham.Norton.Show.S20E13.REAL.720p.HDTV.X264-FTP but i checked the screenshot and its ep14 . so it is not worth a fuck-up from a shitty source .

        • ProdigalX says:

          You are right about the numbering. For the first time in the history of the show, this year BBC inexplicably decided to call the New Year's Eve episode a "special", whereas in past seasons it has simply been included and numbered as a regular episode. It obviously has caused confusion in the release scene too, since JIVE seems to be the only group that has it listed as a s20 special. Everyone else has it as e13. And of course to confuse things even more, most of the release groups are now also calling the present actual episode 13 as e13. As you can see in the FTP source Valhalla lists below, FTP has added REAL to the title as a way of distinguishing it from their previous "e13" release.

          I would suggest that PSA rename the "e13" that is now crossed out as a s20 special like JIVE did. It doesn't matter if the source says e13. Then the present FTP E13 REAL could be listed as it should as e13.

          Now the other issue, you exagerate with your "and I mean always". They are not always behind the others you mention, and if they are, it is usually only a matter of hours. PSA is not a release group per say, but an x265 reencoder site. They have only one encoder, and he is one who does not have a one-size-fits-all way of encoding. I remember one user who complained that the weekly intro of some show (GOT maybe?) seemed to have lower resolution. Doc explained that he had purposely lowered the quality on the intro in order to help make for a smaller file, since most people didn't care about the intro anyway. How many of the "fast" encoders you mention do you think take the time to do something like that? Like Valhalla says, why torture yourself by coming to PSA. But if you do, before jumping in with your complaints, try to understand the situation and what goes into turning out PSA quality encodes, which I personally don't think are matched elsewhere relative to size. Yes, sometimes things might go a bit sideways, like with this present GNS situation, and occasionally I think their response could have been better to the situation, but hey, welcome to humanity. We all deal with things in our own way. And I like the way that PSA does things most of the time. So while you come to PSA for one or two shows, I go outside of PSA for one or two shows. To each his own.


          • Psycho says:

            First of all thank you for your response!

            I may have exaggerated a bit!

            I do understand they put a lot of time into their work and for me they're for sure one of the best and that's why I torture myself and check this site every hour instead of downloading other shitty encodes!

            But if they've decided not to encode one of the episodes for any reason, at least they can inform us somehow.

            And thanks a lot for welcoming me into humanity, I've been here for a while now 🙂

  15. surfury says:

    Scene numbering is always wrong on TGNS after the New Year break. I just live with the numbering and renumber them myself. Thanks for anything you can encode on TGNS. btw if it's better quality (which it always is) who cares if it's not the first. Thanks again.

  16. piyushmittal70 says:

    Buddy I think you have numbered the Matthew McConoughay episode wrongly because its the 15th episode of this season not the 14th which also you have not uploaded with Ben Affleck Sienna Miller Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling….Please upload that as well…

  17. Richie says:

    This episode (Jan 20) is 14th, because BBC count the Fassbander one as a New Year's Eve special, not a regular episode. 13th was Ben Affleck, Emma Stone episode (Jan 13).

  18. mthz says:

    Your encodes are the best in terms of quality and size. Please ignore some negative people above and, if possible, encode the S20E13.REAL episode. Thanks!

  19. qaiser says:

    please upload the bible 2013 series hevc 720p small size 

  20. perspicacia says:

    Any chance of S20E17 please? Thanks

  21. ProdigalX says:

    Hey, guys. Judging by the last two episodes, it seems you are giving up on the GNS (could you maybe confirm this?). I'm a bit bummed at having to go back to the 480p releases of RM and mSD 🙁 , but at least it's a talk show, where resolution is not as critical. Still, it was wonderful to be able to watch those 20 or so episodes in 720p x265 after several years of 480p, so thanks for that. I know you wouldn't drop something like this in mid-stream unless it really wasn't working out for you. So as much as I'm sorry to see it go, I'm still so grateful for all theother shows you provide me and my fellow PSA users with.

  22. arefinzz says:

    wish you could start this again 🙁

  23. mthz says:

    Still hoping that you guys will continue encoding this show.

  24. ProdigalX says:

    What a great surprise! I was offline for a few days and when I came back I was scrolling through the PSA pages to see if I had missed anything and, lo and behold, there was the GNS wtih e18 & e19. I had already downloaded e17 in 480p 🙁 but fortunately did not have a chance to download the next two until I came back on line and found it with PSA. So many thanks.

    By the way, e19 was the last show of the season, except for a "Best of" compilation that they will do this Friday. A new season will start again in April sometime.

    For those who might not be regulars, e19 was absolutely hilarious from start to finish, with Ian McKellen, High Jackman and Patrick Stewart. One of the best GNS's ever. Worth checking out even if you are generally not into such talk shows.

  25. ProdigalX says:

    Hey guys. In case you're not aware Season 21 of the GNS starts tonight. Hope you are planning on continueing with it. There are no specials during the spring seasons to mess up the episode numbering 😉


  26. ProdigalX says:

    Many thanks! I was afraid that with some of the fuss over the episode numbering last season you might have been put off with encoding this show. Anyway, I can gaurantee you one user who will be doing weekly downloads throughout this season.

  27. surfury says:

    Thanks as ever for TGNS. fyi Mega link for S21E07 is 12 Monkeys S03E04 rather than TGNS but great other than that as usual. Thanks again.

  28. PSA User says:

    S21 E09 plz …

  29. perspicacia says:

    S21E09 Please – Thanks

  30. ProdigalX says:

    Valhalla, E10 is misplaced at the bottom of the list instead of the top, so not easy to find.

    And of course a continued thanks for providing us with this season of TGNS

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