Grey’s Anatomy

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  1. sakshamcse says:

    Please upload Episode 13. Thanks 🙂

  2. FlacMania says:

    Thank you so much for 1080P version 😎

  3. Mike says:

    Will you upload episodes 1-8, someday and do you plan encoding other seasons in hevc?

  4. FlacMania says:

    Please Epi 19, 20… WEB-DL 1080P

  5. Choco says:

    Could you possibly upload the first 8 episodes of Greys Anatomy Season 11, i would really appreciate it as i enjoy your hard work and I’m sure others will too.

  6. Saibi says:

    Episode 23 came out today as well with 22. Thnx for the uploads. 😀

  7. nickbach says:


  8. Hulk says:

    Please to heroes reborn ep1&2 webdl is up.

  9. FlacMania says:

    Please S12 1080P!

  10. hamidrezarezai says:

    can you upload grays anatomy as fast as other series too ??? i appreciate all things you do but if you do greys anatomy as fast as others it will be legendary !

  11. Ronish says:

    new South park episodes please

  12. FlacMania says:

    Please do not forget S12E01… WEB-DL1080P

  13. FlacMania says:

    Waiting> Greys Anatomy S12E01 1080p WEB-DL DD5 1 H 264-NTb

  14. FlacMania says:

    DR.XJ Please could do S12E01 1080P?

  15. FlacMania says:

    Please update 1080P version 🙁

  16. Choco says:

    Will you be uploading the missing episodes (s12e07 & s12e08) in 1080p ?, if so i will wait as i really enjoy your guys work million times more 🙂

  17. ERE says:

    S12E08 still missing brother,please
    do something about it.

    • musicmf says:

      Yep, especially with the new episodes coming out soon; It would be nice to have S12E08 from your group too. Love the size/quality of the releases here.

  18. ERE says:

    Any chance to upload S12E08?

  19. ERE says:

    Is episode 08 missing from only PSA or from source too??

  20. FlacMania says:

    R.I.P 1080P

  21. musicmf says:

    Any chance of s12e08?

  22. heylol says:

    i had very small list today hope u dont mind vallhallo bro 

    Outsiders                                Season  1, Episode 12

    Scorpion                                 Season  2, Episode 22

    Sleepy Hollow                            Season  3, Episode 18 plz do this first its a season finale

    Vikings                                  Season  4, Episode 8

    Dice HDTV ep 2 –  ep 6 are available 

    and plz do Wynonna Earp

    u will find this interesting  and promising tv show


  23. DBGulp says:

    S12E17 WED-DL still going to Linkshrink and returning to 404 error after countdown.

    • ProdigalX says:

      Try disabling any ad-blocking app (Ad Block Plus) GLOBALLY, not just for PSA.

    • ProdigalX says:

      And if that doesn't work, try another browser.

      And if that doesn't work, maybe disable firewall or antivirus.

      And if that doesn't work, S**t Out of Luck. 🙁

      • Nachimuthu says:

        best option is whitelisting the domains.. psarips, linkshrink, spaste.. u may use adblock for ur regular use by this.. 🙂
        @hitmanX: is that ur frustrated version? 😉

        • ProdigalX says:

          Nope. Just havin' fun. 🙂 , and trying to be helpful at the same time.

          • DBGulp says:

            Thanks for the tips. When I saw it would work in another browser, with full adblock on, I knew. For me the problem was the Internet Cache needed clearing. It must have kept remnants from the original problem and kept giving me the same error..

      • ProdigalX says:

        And if that doesn't work, try clearing cache and cookies. 😳



        • ProdigalX says:

          Can't believe I forgot to list that one this time. So basic. I'm getting old. 😀

          Glad you caught it, DBGulp.

          • Nachimuthu says:

            i use ccleaner to clear cache on startup. thats y i never encountered this problem 😉

            • ProdigalX says:

              Limitted bandwidth here 🙁 . So the cache comes in handy (though I have an addon that erases cookies when I close a site). But for those with good bandwidth and speed, good idea.

            • ProdigalX says:

              By the way, for anyone who has Firefox and wants to clear the cache automatically when the browser closes go to Tools/Options/Privacy and check "Clear history when Firefox closes". This will activate the Settings button. Open settings and check anything you want cleared when Firefox closes. Then close the Options tab.

              I think other browsers offer this option in the settings as well, but I'm too lazy to check it out 🙂

            • DBGulp says:

              Somehow (user error :p ) my Cache wasn't checked for auto clearing in Firefox. Also, I have to manually clear it when I activate ZenMate to dl from uptobox in the US.

  24. jacobson says:

    Can you do a torrent of the complete season 12 for Grey's Anatomy? Thanks!

  25. ERE says:

    S13E01 REPACK??

  26. michelpsa says:

    Could you please do a proper episodes rss feed? Put as much ads on the rss and redirect as many times as you want, just please use episodes rss, goddamit

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