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  1. Vandak says:

    ah really? ohkay man, thanks

  2. Mrxxx says:

    please, no webrip, only webdl's


  3. Cordcutter says:

    s06e08 1080p webrip audio out of sync for me.  seems odd since 720p seems ok and its same source…

  4. AmiR_ShadoW says:


    where is 13 reasons why?!

    good source is not out yet or yoy are not gonna to do it?!

  5. LordPSN says:

    Man atleast reply if you will be doing a seson pack for Homeland Season 6 in WEB-DL format?? You are just deleting my comments without replying.


    1 more request.. Please seed these following torrents whenever possible 

    1. The.Flash.2014.SEASON.02.S02.COMPLETE.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA

    2. Preacher.SEASON.01.S01.COMPLETE.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA

    3. Gotham.Season.01.S01.Complete.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA

    4. Gotham.Season.02.S02.Complete.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA


    And Yeah.. For god sake.. Give a reply. Positive ,Negative ,Anything.. But give a reply.

    • LordPSN says:

      Alright. I have downloaded The fLASH. sO NO NEED TO SEED IT..

      bUT i AM NOT GETTING ANY SPEEDS in Gotham and Preacher season pack torrents.

      Kindly reseed them.

      Please seed these following torrents whenever possible 

      1. Preacher.SEASON.01.S01.COMPLETE.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA

      2. Gotham.Season.01.S01.Complete.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA

      3. Gotham.Season.02.S02.Complete.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA


      Please reply asap.

      • Valhalla says:

        I’m seeding all three . and you used your reseed quota for a month or more . so dont bother requesting reseeds anytime soon.
        and learn some manners while your at it . commenting all over the site , TYPING IN ALL CAPS , and saying ASAP will not get you anywhere.

        • LordPSN says:

          Alright.. How much a Reseed quota?? I mean in a month How many Torrents I can ask for a reseed?

          And sorry if I appear to be rude.. 


  6. DBGulp says:

    S06E12 file corrupt on UpToBox. Fine on Uploaded.

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