Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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16 Responses

  1. fbfakedb says:

    can you upload “teacher of the year” with Key from Key & Peele?

  2. farhan says:

    Straight outta compton plz fixed version??

  3. vin221 says:

    Requesting the new Netflix show, Narcos. Please

  4. jb.. says:

    please upload Narcos in 720p…

  5. Reus96 says:

    can you do

    The X Factor S12

    if you got time please

  6. mma_895 says:

    I have a small request. Please do the Friends’ cast reunion in 720p.

  7. austenwhd says:

    Please do the Post Oscar special, where the Batman v Superman skit was done, it was hilarious.

  8. austenwhd says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for post oscar JKL.

  9. CSamR says:

    Please do Apr 11, 12, 13 Marvel Extravangaza in Jimmy Kimmel !!!!


  10. Tv_guru says:

    plz start uploading current series..please please!!

  11. Tv_guru says:

    much appreciated..now continue uploading latest of jimmy kimmel.

    thank 🙂

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