Orphan Black

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90 Responses

  1. perspicacia says:

    S04E06 links are actually for Zootopia

  2. nik.colas says:

    season 1 2 plzzzzzzzz psa plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Adam.Mc says:


    S03E01 and S03E02 download links are dead. please reupload these two

    and also encoding S01 and S02 would be great

    thanks a lot

  4. afrin1886 says:

    last epi webrip please! hdtv watermarks hurt my eyes n my heart

  5. Parallax says:

    Please upload the WEB-DL versions of Season 4, Episodes 8 and 9. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. museum13 says:

    it seem you miss the Orphan.Black.S04E08 WEBRip release

  7. Losorio says:

    Will ther be a 720 weBRip version of Orphan Black, S4 E8?

  8. DashWatson says:

    Full season pack of season 4 in 720p WEB-DL please.

  9. viewerx says:

    Please don't forget about the 720p WEB-DL for S04E08 and S04E10. Thanks.

    And could you maybe re-seed S03E01 and S03E03?

  10. viewerx says:

    Here are the sources for the missing WEB-DL of S04E08 and S04E10:



  11. Beluga says:

    same here, waiting for webrips for episodes 8 & 10. pretty please

  12. afrin1886 says:

    please don't leave us hanging in there. it's just 2 episodes!

  13. Beluga says:

    Please give us the webrips for episodes 8 & 10 using a 1080p source. please

  14. Beluga says:



    you could use these sources, please don't leave us hanging like this. Or at least, please reply. What's the hold up?

  15. XG says:

    Plz upload S04E08, E10 

  16. Losorio says:

    Thank you for S04E08 & S04E10!!!  Love you guys!

  17. mma_895 says:

    Why don't you guys do full season packs anymore?

  18. rrfreezer says:

    Please do a full season pack

  19. NazaNEYn says:

    I hope you plan on uploading s5

  20. hollowdra says:

    Hello guys, looking forward for season 5 in WEB-DL format.Thank you

  21. Allan says:

    Well I hope this wont be left behind! Thanks for the hard work you put here.

  22. 7akshay86 says:

    hi,can you reseed S03E01,S03E02,SO3E03 WEB-DL 720p, all host links are dead,thanks.

  23. Darku says:

    Can you guys upload previous seasons, from S01 to S04 in 1080p 10bit format ? I mean this series totally deserve it. @VALHALLA @DR.XJ

  24. kenshinmoto says:

    Guys, do you have any plans for uploading Seasons 1 and 2??? I would be forever grateful to you if you do. Please, try and do it if it’s possible. Or, if you guys had already uploaded them, and they got deleted, could you provide me the torrent links, please?? Waiting for your reply. Thank you. :))

  25. mthz says:

    I loved season 1, but kept putting off watching season 2, and now it’s already the 5th and final season! So much to catch up on. Please consider encoding season 2 (and 1 too if possible.) Thanks!

  26. blogger007 says:

    Thanks for uploading ep 5 in 1080p quality!

  27. hollowdra says:

    Still waiting for S05E06 WEBRip version, thank you guys

  28. Sitelcyon says:

    Still waiting for S05E06 WEBRip version, thank you guys

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