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  1. Zeta says:

    WEB-DL, please!

  2. Merc says:

    PSArips.com is my La La Land. Thanks for the rip! Episode 2.

  3. DashWatson says:

    No WEB-DL for this show?

  4. JAY56 says:

    NEED WEB-DL Please!!! 😀 😀

  5. gustavo69 says:

    LOOKS like fun. i'm waiting for web-dl too.if there is one

  6. JAY56 says:

    need to watch this pretty badly, need WEB-DL, Please upload soon 🙂

  7. Zeta says:

    Thanks for the WEBRips, guys. This show is funny! 🙂

  8. gustavo69 says:

    finally. a good comedy with special effect is coming. i am tired of vampire and aliens.. hail to valhalla

  9. piyushmittal70 says:

    Holy fu*king shit , Vanessa Hudgens looks scarily identical to Emilia Clark in the poster.I didn't know that it was not Emilia until I saw its wikipedia page which was also surprising because I kept on thinking that why is Emilia doing such a show….

  10. Vandak says:

    gday, i know ive asked for a few requests lately (only of movies I know are going to be big or already are but need your great encoding) but i have to see if youu are ever going to do the movie Kicks http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4254584/? Kicks 2016 1080p WEB-DL DD5 1 H264-FGT (3GB)
    the reviews give the movie mad love, if you dont wanna do it just let me know! much love guys,
    P.S I have been meaning to donate, I shall do that soon! appreeesh <3

  11. gustavo69 says:

    Iko Wais is an actor from Indonesia with lots of international movie role like THE RAID, THE RAID 2, MAN OF TAI CHI and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015. So I'm asking you now to encode his newest movie HEADSHOT in case you forgot  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5147214/

  12. ghodhiets says:

    can you encode powerless s01e05 webrip?

    please, dont mix it with web-dl

    • Zeta says:

      R u kiddin? WEBRip and WEB-DL are pretty much the same. I'd only ask the Doc to spend his time doing the episodes 06-07. As long as he's doing alternate to HDTV, I'm happy.

      Keep it up, PSA Team!! 😉

  13. princemadhan says:

    bro pls upload latest episode s01e06

  14. bolt says:

    S01E07 please..this is the only dc related sitcom.. Thanks

  15. gustavo69 says:

    is it only me or everybody not notice? there are already two HDTV version… where is the WEB-DL of episode 6 and  7??

  16. JAY56 says:

    the webrip one Van V Emily Dawn of Justice is not that….it's actually episode 9 Green Furious!
    the hdtv one is episode 7 Emergency Punch-Up…..so where's episode 7 Van v Emily dawn of justice?? 😛

  17. DBGulp says:

    I don't know that I can help any, but NBC,  the airing network, lists V. Emily Dawn of Justice as S1 E7 04/06/17. http://www.nbc.com/powerless/episodes So, does Wikipedia  IMDb, and your source DL. PSA's WEBrip is correct for the title and plot. The number….

    As you know, TVMaze lists it as E08. So does TV Guide.

    For me, it will be 7 because of NBC's listing.


  18. DBGulp says:

    Finally downloaded PSA's HDTV 06, 07 and Visum's AMZN WEBrip 06, took a while, 2GB. Both 06s – I'ma Friend You, match. The 07s (08) don't. HDTV 07 – Emergency Punch-Up – Visum 07/PSA 08 WEBrip – V. Emily Dawn of Justice. Strange. Perhaps NBC f'ed up and aired them out of order, or their web stuff is sometimes different than broadcast. Maybe Dimension is not in the US and got a different airing. Confusion! Let's see if they flip next week.

  19. killingthejoke says:

    wait a sec, isn't ep8 suppose to be "Emergency Punch-Up" instead of "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice"?

  20. princemadhan says:

    bro please check Powerless.S01E08.Van.V.Emily.Dawn.of.Justice.720p.WEBRip… u wrongly uploaded episode 7 in episode 8

  21. perspicacia says:

    Ep9 – Please – Thanks

  22. princemadhan says:

    where is episode 9 ?

  23. AnonyMouse says:

    So from what I gather, the episode named 'Green Furious' should come after 'Van V Emily Dawn of Justice' since the two episoded are related, and 'Emergency Punch-Up' can go either before or after both those episodes depending on your preference.

  24. Valhalla says:

    'Powerless' Cancelled at NBC, Remaining Episodes Pulled

    well , there goes this show.

  25. noni says:

    For all who lost the order of things: Episode 1-6 are fine, then load (based on wikipedia)

    Ep7 is S01E08.Van.V.Emily.Dawn.of.Justice.720p

    Ep8 is S01E08.Internal

    Ep9 is S01E08.720p

    NBC didn't want this series, its clear by their complete confusion and reodering

  26. Vandak says:

    cheers for deciding to finish this, as much of a fuck around as it was with the switch of episodes with e07&08, now ill actually give it a go! 
    cheers PSA as always 

  27. AnonyMouse says:

    Thanks for posting the remaining episodes, Valhalla.

    It'd be great if you could find the web-dl of the episodes I'ma Friend You and Green Furious so the set is complete.

  28. Onur says:

    Powerless.S01E08.INTERNAL.720p.HDTV.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA is Green Furious, episode 8 on Wikipedia.

    Powerless.S01E08.720p.HDTV.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA is Emergency Punch-Up, episode 9 on Wikipedia.

    Please include episode titles so it's less confusing.

  29. ghodhiets says:

    hey valhalla, is it just me?

    web-dl quality for episode 10,11,12 is bad?

    I bet its source problem, right?

    1080p just 700MB?

  30. downvote says:

    Everything is messed up in the downloads of this show…



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