Quantico 2015

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  1. blogger007 says:

    Thank you for uploading ep 16 in 1080p. Very much appreciated!

  2. blogger007 says:

    Hi guys, can you please you please upload the 1080p of Quantico's latest episode? It's finally out. Thanks!

  3. SaiBhai says:

    Hey, i noticed you have season 2 episode 16 and then have episode 18. May you please upload episode 17 as well?


  4. blogger007 says:

    Woo, thanks for the upload!

  5. blogger007 says:

    Hi guys, there's a 1080p AMZN rip by DON of Quantico's 18th episode. Would it be possible to encode it? I don't mind waiting. Thanks as always!

  6. caffeinedependent says:

    Hi there, please upload 720p webrips of S02E18 and S02E19. Thank you

  7. blogger007 says:

    Thanks for following through on my request. Deeply grateful!

  8. asric says:

    Is there a 1080p release for S02E19? On the front page I was lead to believe there was, but there is no download link here….

  9. blogger007 says:

    Thanks guys! You never disappoint. Your uploads are always great appreciated!

  10. Crush says:

    Hi Dr.Xj please do 1080p 10 bit for 13 Reasons Why. don't postpone it further , we already waited for enough time. so just tell me is it gonna happen recently or should i proceed with 720p 10 bit? reply please.

  11. blogger007 says:

    Hi guys! I think a 1080p web version of ep 20 is out. Can you please encode it when you have time? No need to rush. I can wait. 🙂 Thanks as always!

  12. blogger007 says:

    Thanks for the upload! Appreciate it as always!

  13. blogger007 says:

    Thanx for another great upload!

  14. blogger007 says:

    Hi guys, when you have the time can you please upload the final episode of Quantico in 1080p? Would really appreciate it. Thanks as always!

  15. ayudhkrgupta14 says:

    Can u plz provide 1080p season packs for Quantico and agents of shield?

  16. Muhammad Usama Sheikh says:

    What happened to Blinspot?

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