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  1. Orper says:

    Killers call them FLEETards. These guys don't go away. Do they ?

  2. SirSeedsAlot says:

    whats better? WEB-DL or WEB-Rip?


  3. gustavo69 says:

    i watched the trailer on youtube. ryan phillipe finally has an action series… but it is too late for me to see his acting. i always wish he had a great role in Quantico series… too soon to deside continuosly watching this.

  4. princemadhan says:

    Please add shooter 1×03…

    Thank you

  5. andy96singh says:

    Which one is better WebRip or HDTV or Web-DL?

  6. andy96singh says:

    can you provide us BluRay encoded in HEVC?


  7. nipsenator says:


  8. Ahmed00 says:

    Plz @Valhalla ! Upload Monday Shows (Timeless-Conviction-Man with a Plan-Kevin can wait) The new episodes of those shows released yesterday and you haven’t uploaded them yet . 

  9. kplanck says:

    what happens with version webrip and web-dl? please update.

  10. RockTheKasbah says:

    Sorry for being off topic, but could you please do Spectral (2016):


  11. gustavo69 says:

    first 3 episodes of this series making me love rian phillipe's acting…i almost believe he has a real experience in snipers and guns… but the enemy is too early recognized. not making me curious at all. too bad. hope there'll be much surprise then, cos rian… i love your acting more than before

  12. kplanck says:

    please upload WEBRip S01E09 when?

  13. princemadhan says:

    please upload shooter 1×10

  14. Ray says:

    Can we please get the whole season 1 in one upload?

  15. diepotato says:

    Episode 09 WEB-Rip please. 

  16. ghodhiets says:

    shooter episode 9 webrip?

    oh, come on!

    Its renewed for second season, you know.

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