Star Wars Rebels

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  1. hfk217 says:

    Thanks Man.. Wasn’t expecting it. Now you work twice as you did when Piratebay was online… I thought you stopped uploading this series. Just checked that episode 9 was scheduled today only. You made my day man! 🙂

  2. agnibha30 says:

    Are u going to do dexter,house md nd lost in 720p x265?

  3. Mike says:

    Thank you!

  4. fb says:

    when is the next episode gonna be done?

  5. lollipop says:

    if you have the time, please upload episodes 1~8. thanks.

  6. rajat6393 says:

    pls upload nxt episode 😥 😥

  7. AlexMarcer says:


  8. FCsean says:

    I’d love to get a copy of this at around CRF 16-20 :))

  9. biru says:

    complete season. please….if possible

  10. psasup says:

    season 2 is up for like two days now just giving a heads up

  11. Deep says:

    Season 2 Please !!!

  12. asric says:

    Any chance for season 2?

  13. HT1 says:

    i just want to thank whoever encoded these as they are the only release group to encode x265 properly that allows frame interpolation, and that is a beautifull thing man.

    Long Live PSA !

  14. osiris_v3 says:

    Can you do Season 3?

  15. Zennino says:

    Great show! Looking forawrd to Season 3!

  16. hfk217 says:

    Hello old friend!

    You skipped season 02. But very glad that you started doing this again. This is one of the greated star wars anime since Star Wars Clone Wars the animated series.

    Would love to see you do more anime like Dragon Ball Super too.

    Thanls doc!

  17. psasup says:

    finally you are back !!! thank you so much 🙂

  18. osiris_v3 says:

    Awesome! Thanks for S03!

  19. freakwannabe says:

    many iranian users use your encodes because they're really awesome so

    i suggest to use a iranian file host.if you'll like that ,use it

  20. RaNGo_RM says:

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    1000 downloads = 7dollars

  21. damien66 says:

    The audio for Star.Wars.Rebels.S03E09.An.Inside.Man.720p.WEBRip.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA  is messed up from abot 20 minutes onwards.

  22. Relaxay says:

    Web-dl for S03E14 please! 

  23. skrapps914 says:

    hey, just wanted to give a heads up that there is an audio sync issue with the latest episode, s03e15

  24. FCsean says:

    S03E15 audio desyncs @ 03:30

  25. Valhalla says:

    Yup , source was screwed up . will wait unitl a new one . 

  26. perspicacia says:

    S03E16 please – Thanks

  27. Znkr71 says:

    can you please upload s03e16, i will thank you so much

  28. Trechx says:

    Episdoe 16 (Season 3) please guys

  29. Relaxay says:

    Just wanted to give a heads up S03E16 and E17 are out.

  30. TrueGamer007 says:

    Please can I request you to upload Funimation Dub of Dragon Ball Super? There's no x265 releases available. Space is filling up on my PC 🙁

    • osiris_v3 says:

      I'm not completely sure the link posting rules – are there any?

      Try [Cleo] Anime Encodes, they're dual audio for Super but they are x265 and only 720p.


      If that's not small enough you have a little knowledge of mkvtoolnix or mkvtoolnix-gui it would be fairly quick to remove the Japanese track but it's only ~15mb.

  31. perspicacia says:

    S03E18 please – Thanks

  32. Trechx says:

    S03E18 guys….you upload episodes late for this show…..when this is much better than other shows like Flash & Supergirl & Stuff

  33. yash_leo says:

    DR. XJ what happened to this show? you uploaded each episode weekly but now haven't done two episodes in a row. recently you slowed down your rate of uploading,

    Please upload S03E18 and S03E19

  34. JAY56 says:

    can you please upload the Web-DL s for episodes 16-19? Thanx 😀 

  35. Trechx says:

    Hey guys…. The Season finale of season 3 Zero hour parts 1 & 2 comes out 25th March…

    Hope u'll do WEB-DL of that ASAP

  36. ashkosh says:

    Plz upload the WEB-DL versions for episodes 10,11,12 & 13 ….thanks


  37. osiris_v3 says:

    If people are waiting for WEB-DL of S03 eps 16-21 due to them not having logos, the HDTV versions don't have any.

  38. JAY56 says:

    need WEB-DL s….please upload 🙁 🙁 


  39. ashkosh says:

    Dr. XJ, can u plz re- seed the WEB-DL's of episodes 3,4 & 5…..i'm stuck

  40. ashkosh says:

    Valhalla can plz u re-seed S03 E06 imperial supercommandos WEB-DL…i think u forgot yesterday…thank u

  41. Jeirome says:

    Valhalla is there any chance for you to upload season 2?

  42. ankurdas says:

    Please upload season 3 in 1080p

  43. damien66 says:

    Please upload web-dls or Webrips for the last 6 episodes of season 3.

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