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  1. ElectroZ says:

    x265 v1.9 is out now. Thought I’d inform you!
    Keep it coming guys!

  2. ElectroZ says:

    Also, how much difference does 10 bit encoding make vs 8 bit when comparing encoding time? I know the quality increase is a lot in dark scenes, if possible make it the default format for all releases?

  3. city2026 says:

    Great rip 🙂 I love the quality of s11e13.

  4. ElectroZ says:

    S11E14 Web Dl out now!

  5. blitzkreig991 says:

    s11e14 ERROR 404. PAGE NOT FOUND!

  6. blitzkreig991 says:

    sry s10e14


  7. bolt says:

    Is there any way that i can get notified if the tv show i follow is realeased or not? in like a watchlist..that would be great!

  8. Ankit says:

    hiya..Valhalla..could u all plz upload the complete series of Supernatural..??
    it would be great!!

  9. medic says:

    Supernatural S11E15 WEB-DL has been out for about a week.

    Your regular source : Supernatural.S11E15.Beyond.the.Mat.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-Oosh (Size: 1.58 GB)

    Will apreciate it when you got the time.  :-p

    Thanks ! 🙂

  10. Felrose says:

    Guys will u do the rest of season 10 please?

  11. Felrose says:

    also Supernatural.S10E14.The.Executioners.Song.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA gone missing

  12. Lakshya says:

    Please upload S11E15 720p Web-dl asap!!! It'll complete my supernatural collection.


  13. ElectroZ says:

    1 : Please upload S11E15 1080p/720p WEB-DL

    2 : Add MEGA link for S11E16 1080p.

    Thanks in advance! Cheers!

  14. Felrose says:

    Please reup Supernatural.S10E19.The.Werther.Project.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x265.HEVC-PSA


  15. KKent says:

    Supernatural.S11E16.Safe.House.1080p.WEB-DL.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA has a russian advertisement just after the 40 minute mark?

  16. ElectroZ says:

    Thanks Guys! Been waiting for this a long time!

  17. ChocoCryspy says:

    Please Upload Supernatural Season 1-9 720p blu ray x265;

  18. ElectroZ says:

    S11E18 WEB-DL out now! Waiting for 1080p/720p!

    Thanks in advance!

  19. gopiramaesh says:

    i need a download link for season 1 where i can find it


  20. ElectroZ says:

    S11E22 WEB-DL out now! Waiting for 1080p/720p!

    Thanks in advance!

  21. viewerx says:

    Please don't forget about a WEB-DL for S11E22. And if time permits also a season 11 pack. Thanks.

    • viewerx says:

      Supernatural.S11E22.We.Happy.Few.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-Oosh  is out for almost 2 weeks. Please make the missing WEB-DL episode S11E22 from this source. Thanks.

  22. avx says:

    encode season 1-5 please

  23. Lucifer says:

    Waiting for 1080p. Thanks

  24. MayurSuccess says:

    Thanks Valhalla for Supernatural. If Possible Can you Upload Season 1-9 in Bluray. Complete Season Pack. Thanks.

  25. yundaime07 says:

    valhalla do you guys have the earlier seasons of supernatural?

  26. gustavo69 says:

    holly bunny… 12 season??? i remember the first time i watch this series and talk about it with my best friend (now he's maarried).. this bond of the actors last longer than FRIENDS comedy series and guess what? they really never getting old afterall…

  27. AX8000 says:

    Hey, I think you should make all your post in descending order, I think it's better for the average user (recurring visitor) who's after the latest episode.

  28. gustavo69 says:

    complete pack of bluray for SUPERNATURAL entire season will do.. PSA seems to be the one and only HEVC encoders in the universe.. miracle miracle.. where are you? miracles…

  29. HardTarget94 says:

    can u sort it like other series … from the new to old .. 🙁

  30. hummer13 says:

    When clicking on the Download link its just taking me to ad sites via linkshirink 

    Can this be fixed very annoying 

  31. kumarsatyam22 says:

    supernatural s10e10 mega link is not working, it shows up user account has been terminated. So i thought to inform you. please fix the issue.

  32. Dreamer says:

    WB-DL for Supernatural S12E14 is out.

  33. hummer13 says:

    when will the Web-dl for S12E12 be available ?

  34. gustavo69 says:

    i need a COMPLETE PACK of this series from season 1 until season 12.. but i guess i have to buy an external drive before that happens. My drive is full

  35. gustavo69 says:

    seriously? jeerome… can i get the links? i really appreciate if you can give me those.. thanks FYI, dude

  36. m@@z says:

    The link for S12Ep 18 720  web dl is not working

  37. princemadhan says:

    Bro when you will add 13 reasons why series..?

  38. Akhil Rana says:

    Please do full season 12 pack

  39. dragonballz4 says:

    Please do season pack for this 

  40. avadaKedavra says:

    Someone, please seed 1080 Season 12 Episodes 15, 18, 01 🙁

  41. avadaKedavra says:

    also, please seed 1080p WEBDL Season 12’s Episodes 10 & 11. Someone, please 🙁

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