Talking Dead

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16 Responses

  1. walterverylightgrey says:

    Still waiting for this week’s episode. Hope u do it soon.

  2. WalterVeryLightGrey says:

    Still waiting for the new episode, hope u guys do it before the next one.

  3. kevin malone says:

    Can you encode the academy awards ?

  4. theincognito.oo7 says:

    @Dr.XJ & Alien: Are you gonna encode WWE Fastlane PPV 2015 like you encoded WWE Royal Rumble PPV? Please reply yes or no. Because if you are not doing it,I want to download the x264 release. But if you are doing it,I will wait for it as much you want 🙂 😀

  5. SKite Lucas says:

    Thanks for the new– My dog just farted on the fan, god dammit…

  6. Khashi says:

    can u plz upload the 12th episode?!!

  7. reza says:

    hey man, are you gonna upload 14th episode. i really want watch this episode. 🙄

  8. AgentLucide says:

    Can you please upload season 5?

  9. sahar says:

    Hi, Can you please upload the new episodes? Thank you so much 🙂

  10. thunderwt99 says:

    caN U plz upload AVATAR (2009) 10 bit HQ 1080p

  11. sahar says:

    Hi, Can you pleas upload S05E25, S05E20, S05E19 Please? 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  12. ahmedOK says:

    Black mirror S03!!!!!!

  13. says:


    Why is it so hard to find Talking Dead episodes these days? Have people lost interest? I'm not complaining. I'm genuinely hoping for more interest and more recent episodes. You guys are so great to have this here in the first place. Thank you for everything you do and hopefully more Talking Dead.

  14. Vandak says:

    I cant begin to understand how this show has peoples interests let alone having 4-5 seasons.. whats the reason behind this, to milk TWD franchise for everything it has?, they have games plus they have ‘fear of the walking dead’ going aswel.. just feels forced and not something id ever get into. PSA your determined 😛

  15. Vandak says:

    haha holyy my bad i meant 6-7 seasons* :’)

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