Teen Wolf

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42 Responses


    Thanks…Please upload all Teen Wolf previous seasons in 720p hevc…

  2. On.off says:

    Thanks…Please 1080p

  3. MOS says:

    Finally Teen Wolf….Keep the 720p Hevc up for at least this entire season

  4. khaled says:

    Did you back ? change this cover

  5. Reus96 says:

    scream please

  6. Rozux says:

    Thank you

  7. nickbach says:

    please Scream mtv series

  8. Rocket says:

    Plz upload web dl of Suits S05 E01 and E02 (720p), True detective S02 E1 to E4(720p) , And Hannibal S03 E03, E04 , E05 (in 1080p)… i know u dont have time, but plz do these episodes… And i beg u stop doing HDTV, use that time in filling missing episodes, We are still here just because of ur quality so just do web dl

  9. MOS says:

    why no episode 5 . Its been out since teusday..will it be encoded?

  10. MiRage says:

    @DR.XJ Waiting for new episodes. Kindly upload them please.

  11. MiRage says:

    @DR.XJ Thanks for the uploads.

  12. biru says:

    there are many shows u started in the middle of the season. so will u ever post the missing first half episodes of those shows..

  13. MOS says:

    when will yesterdays episode be uploaded… really need to see it.

  14. MOS says:

    the usual source is already available

  15. Reus96 says:

    THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES ep 1_2_3 please

  16. andipratama says:

    teen wolf season 1,2,3, and 4??????

  17. lavy1234 says:

    please, upload teen wolf s01-s04 720p! and sherlock bbc s01-s03, please? thank you!

  18. batman says:

    please, upload teen wolf s05 ep14 720p web-dl, please? thank you!

  19. Deadpool says:

    Please. Upload next episode asap 🙂
    Thanks. You guys rockx

  20. MOS says:

    Finally Thanks Team Psa.!

  21. dineth says:

    plz …can u uplaode hdtv 720p copy all eposode plz

  22. Zeta says:

    s05e18 web-dl, plz

  23. MOS says:

    Guys Eta to web dl Episode 18? The next episode is almost upon us.!

  24. MOS says:

    I am really sorry for being repetitive but guys Please Web dl of 18th episode before 19th comes out today as it consits of a very Major spoilers!

  25. jinuprakash says:

    Could you do an indian film ENNUM NINTE MOIDEEN  because people will love it once they watch this movie

  26. Banshee says:

    Teen Wolf S05E19 The Beast of Beacon Hills 1080p WEB-DL DD5 1 H264-Oosh[rartv] is out . x265 encodes Please !!

  27. MOS says:

    Really sorry to say this again but guys the 20th episode comes out tomorrow and we dont have the 19th episode yet!

  28. KKent says:

    Thanks for the latest episode but please try to avoid using AVS uploads, the endings are usually cut off and episode 20 is missing the cliffhanger at the end.

  29. MOS says:

    Guys the 19th episode is missing.Please Do it to.!

  30. SJK says:

    Hy man i am waiting for the episode "Teen Wolf S05E19 720p WEB-DL"……….pls upload…..HURRY.

  31. SJK says:

    Teen Wolf S05E19 The Beast of Beacon Hills 720p WEB-DL 2CH x265 HEVC-PSA ESUB……..PLS.

  32. osiris_v3 says:

    19 web please 

  33. masoud says:

    Hello  DR.XJ would you please tell if you are gonna encode previous seasons please ?

  34. anurag30 says:

    yo man you are doing such a great job by  running  this website i know its difficult to please everyone by there choices of movies and tv series so i thankyou for it.

    I do have a request to you that can you upload all the teen wolf season from 1-5 complete series. please upload asap please i need these tv series.
    and please drop a email to  me when you decided to upload 
    thank you

  35. Zeta says:

    WEB-DL, please!

  36. gustavo69 says:

    I feel like teenager again, mate. Good job as always. Perfect bodies. haha…

  37. gustavo69 says:

    why PSA didn't make TEEN WOLF season 1 in bluray or WEB-DL?.. i do have a HDTV version but there's an MTV watermark in it. It bothers me… because SEASON 1 is the best of this series and hope there is PSARips version. If you haven't encode it yet, please do… I know that it's too late for asking, because the update things. But i'm pretty sure PSA can do a classic movies the other day. So is it possible for OLD tv series to be renewed here too?

  38. gustavo69 says:

    the rest of season 2,3, and 4 would be nice.

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