The Blacklist

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154 Responses

  1. Hajjaaj says:

    Dr Xj,Valhalla,What happend for the web-dl!!,thank you 

  2. Beluga says:

    Please dont forget web-dl for last 2 episodes. Thank you guys for the good work!

  3. Ryuu says:

    E05 Web-Dl is out… Will be waiting for it patienly ^_^ 

    Thank you so much!

  4. Hamid says:

    1080P web E5,6???

  5. ajitsatpathi says:

    Please Re Upload The Links For Season 3 Complete Part 1 to Part 5 


    Mega Links From Episode 9 are Down 

  6. vandak says:

    hey was just wondering, could you possibly look into uploading dont hang up? theres people already releasing 720p copies like ETRG,looks deece as for a horror/thriller would be awesome to have your coding

  7. harshthehellrider says:

    Please upload Episode 22 of Season 4 (Season Finale) Mr. Kaplan Part 2.

  8. darknight says:

    full season 4 pack plz

  9. lamiafarjana1990 says:

    Badly need Full season 4 complete download link ASAP

  10. lamiafarjana1990 says:

    Where is season 4 complete??? Why Blacklist being neglected? Agents of shield got complete already!


  11. TheDoctor says:

    Please do season pack guys!

  12. TVfan says:

    Season 4 pack pls

  13. pulkit3096 says:

    Dr Xj,Valhalla 

    When will the complete version of Blacklist Season 4 be uploaded…. ? I have been waiting for a lot of time.

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