The Exorcist


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20 Responses

  1. hjlion says:

    Thanks for 720p WEB-DL

  2. Lucifer says:

    Thank you for the Encode. This is series will be well seeded along the way from my end. 🙂  

  3. Dnikonman says:

    I keep trying but the links just wont work, they keep taking me to another page and another page and another page.

    Thanks anyway.


    • Valhalla says:

      Disable adblock globally , clear cache and cookies , use another browser.

    • zxuudtrj says:

      You must be a new visitor. There is nothing wrong with your browser. The crazy redirecting is how this site gets its revenue and keep on going. Switching to another browser will not fix the problem. You're supposed to let the browser pop up as many windows as it desire, then you will arrive at your target page. You need a few web browser extensions to bypass this crazy redirection, as plain Adblock in its default setting will not fix it for you.

  4. DashWatson says:

    E06 WEB-DL please.

  5. hjlion says:

    Please E06 WEB-DL

  6. clearFoster says:

    Please upload  Episode 06 WEB-DL.

    Thank You!

  7. leopard says:

    Please upload  Episode 06 WEB-DL 🙂

  8. DashWatson says:

    Thanks a lot, Valhalla. Please complete the season by uploading the remaining episode 6 WEB-DL too.

  9. DashWatson says:

    Also, please encode Netflix's The OA.

  10. ghodhiets says:

    any chance you going to encode episode 6 web-dl?

    here the source

  11. TaBriS_khAMuL says:

    Thank for the serie!

    Please Valhalla upload TVE lord of the rings 10bit x265 HQ, please!

  12. DashWatson says:

    Hey Valhalla, please upload episode 6 in WEB-DL to complete the season. Someone has already provided the source above.

  13. Lakshya says:

    Come On Valhalla, Please upload episode 6 in Web-dl, remaining all episodes are there in Web-dl

  14. DashWatson says:

    Please complete this season 1 by uploading episode 6 in WEB-DL.

  15. DashWatson says:

    Thanks a lot for listening to us OCD people. 😉

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