The Librarians

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30 Responses

  1. mercury001 says:



    Hello Bro,
    This Series has very huge in Size. Same as size of H.264 Encoding…
    So please Reduce the size as you known Best for it. you are doing really great work…
    Thank you… 😀

  3. fnldstntn says:

    The links for episode 1 2 3 are broken.. plz can you fix them?

  4. MaKS says:

    S02 web-dl is out. Try.

  5. deepakminz says:

    S02e03 please

  6. reclusivelad13 says:

    If u have the copies of episode 7 and 8 (web DL) can u please update the uptobox link. All mirrors are dead and even torrent is stuck at 67 and 71 MB on seed box 🙂

  7. Prince says:

    Please do Dope 2015 movie in Brrip. Thanks!

  8. Pritam says:

    doc, could u re-seed s1 e2 and e3 please??

  9. Pritam says:

    re-seeed s1e2 please…..

  10. Pritam says:

    s1e2 dload link is broken, no seed as well 🙁

  11. Mr. Xerb says:

    Hi Dr. XJ,

    Can you fix ep 1-3 dead links?


  12. VISHAL BHUSHAN says:

    hi bro..please upload remaining episodes of season 2 of The Librarians…Thanks!

  13. Mr. Xerb says:

    Hi Dr.XJ,

    Almost all of the links are dead
    Can you please re-upload all the episodes?


  14. damon15here says:

    Just saw the movies and I wanna watch this series so badly now. Unfortunately, the links of starting episodes are dead and the torrent files remain unseeded. Please help PSA. A TV Pack of season 1 would be appreciated

  15. osiris_v3 says:

    Can you do Season 3?

  16. Allan says:

    Thank you for bringing the show back here!

  17. FreeZe says:

    hi admin, thanks for s03ep01 🙂

    can you please re-encode season 02 for us psa fans?

  18. gustavo69 says:

    is the series that good??? i am not even sure im gonna watch this

  19. averageguy says:

    thanks for s03e01.

    hope u will do all the upcoming episodes too.

  20. wiseguy80085 says:

    Could you please update the s01 eps. 1,2 and 3 links. All the 'pasted' webpages with video links in them are gone.

  21. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 says:

    can you seed or re-up file hosts for s01 episode 7 & 8 (web-dl).
    All hosts are dead and no seeders.

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