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24 Responses

  1. samades says:

    Was waiting for this.. thanks!

  2. ghodhiets says:

    encode this is us episode 1 web-dl. please.

    here the source

  3. Ahmed00 says:

    Thanks ! But you have not uploaaded this week episodes of  Westworld 1080p WebRip and Secret & Lies yet .

  4. Ahmed00 says:

    @Valhalla Thanks bro !

  5. perspicacia says:

    Episode 8 please


  6. gustavo69 says:

    i really wanna see this series because ventimiglia is in it. but i am not sure because of my limited internet… how am i supposed to choose?? continuou watch dark drama like van helsing aftermath series or… move on with this.. hmmm… please someone guide me..

  7. Vedant Bansal says:

    episode 7 web-dl ?

  8. diepotato says:

    episode 10 WEB-DL please.

  9. SPX372928 says:

    s01e07 web-dl please, been a while

  10. Vedant Bansal says:

    episode 11 web-dl or weprip please.

  11. ghodhiets says:

    this is us episode 7 WEB-DL?

    oh, come on!

    I only care because its renewed for 2 season

  12. gustavo69 says:

    from 3 episode i watched, so far…i am confused.. are two episode (2 and 3) had been switched? cos the plot seems jumping or wrong… but then i realized mandy moore's acting is different from she was in the 90's movies… may be i care too much of her in this series.. shame on me

  13. suzzagt1 says:

    E12 and E13 Web-DLs please? Thanks!

  14. vandak says:

    ep 12 web-dl?

  15. vandak says:

    sorry website glitched out.. thought it didnt send so sentt it again

  16. MoMoCHu5360 says:

    @Valhalla, thanks for doing this series. Just a question, are the Amazon webrips from KiNGS not better quality than the WEB-DLs. They also include chapter markers.

  17. LeMueL99 says:

    Is there any chance that 1×11 and 1×12 has english subs for the WEB-DL? Been scraping the web hard but I haven't found any, appreciate if any of you guys can post a link?

  18. sluzu says:

    Hey, did you plan add Episode 14 in 720p WEBRip/WEB-DL?

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