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34 Responses

  1. samades says:

    Was waiting for this.. thanks!

  2. ghodhiets says:

    encode this is us episode 1 web-dl. please.

    here the source

  3. Ahmed00 says:

    Thanks ! But you have not uploaaded this week episodes of  Westworld 1080p WebRip and Secret & Lies yet .

  4. Ahmed00 says:

    @Valhalla Thanks bro !

  5. perspicacia says:

    Episode 8 please


  6. gustavo69 says:

    i really wanna see this series because ventimiglia is in it. but i am not sure because of my limited internet… how am i supposed to choose?? continuou watch dark drama like van helsing aftermath series or… move on with this.. hmmm… please someone guide me..

  7. Vedant Bansal says:

    episode 7 web-dl ?

  8. diepotato says:

    episode 10 WEB-DL please.

  9. SPX372928 says:

    s01e07 web-dl please, been a while

  10. Vedant Bansal says:

    episode 11 web-dl or weprip please.

  11. ghodhiets says:

    this is us episode 7 WEB-DL?

    oh, come on!

    I only care because its renewed for 2 season

  12. gustavo69 says:

    from 3 episode i watched, so far…i am confused.. are two episode (2 and 3) had been switched? cos the plot seems jumping or wrong… but then i realized mandy moore's acting is different from she was in the 90's movies… may be i care too much of her in this series.. shame on me

  13. suzzagt1 says:

    E12 and E13 Web-DLs please? Thanks!

  14. vandak says:

    ep 12 web-dl?

  15. vandak says:

    sorry website glitched out.. thought it didnt send so sentt it again

  16. MoMoCHu5360 says:

    @Valhalla, thanks for doing this series. Just a question, are the Amazon webrips from KiNGS not better quality than the WEB-DLs. They also include chapter markers.

  17. LeMueL99 says:

    Is there any chance that 1×11 and 1×12 has english subs for the WEB-DL? Been scraping the web hard but I haven't found any, appreciate if any of you guys can post a link?

  18. sluzu says:

    Hey, did you plan add Episode 14 in 720p WEBRip/WEB-DL?

  19. diepotato says:

    episode 14 web-dl please. 

  20. nic.anto says:

    are you gonna upload the web dl version of eps 14? it's 17 already and even 15 and 16 got the web dl version already

  21. gustavo69 says:

    @ nic. anto. i agree Web rip is way better than HDTV, that's why it means that there's something interesting in that particular episode which Valhalla can not upload (episode 14)… i suspicious, he intended to do that anyway (randomly unpost Web-DL in one or two episode) just to make us courious… I Remember THE WHISPERS series (episode 6-8 is missing). It happened to some quality series.. All you have to do just ask for it. Valhalla sometimes make miracles like he did to the EYECANDY (COMPLETE PACK).

    • nic.anto says:

      Yeah i kinda agree to you about it, maybe he wants to see how bad we wanted that series until at some point he will complete it lol.. hopefully it will be uploaded soon

  22. diepotato says:

    Please episode 14,18 web-dl quickly

  23. ashkosh says:

    Valhalla will you be uploading the season pack??

  24. nipsenator says:

    season pack please

  25. TVfan says:

    The 17th episode's(WebDl) download link is some vampire diary episode….pls fix it asap

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