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  1. Ara Rezaee says:

    Could you also upload the other two seasons? ?

  2. Vedant Bansal says:

    will webrip/webdl will be uploaded?

  3. RoloTomassi says:

    HOORAY!! Thanks so much for this encode!! …. been waiting 25 years for this!!

  4. caoimhin says:

    Thanks! I hope you can upload E3 and E4 soon!

  5. Orper says:

    Million Thanks. Been waiting for this for a loooooooog time.

  6. Darku says:

    Can you do Season 1 and Season 2 ? @Valhalla

  7. aplusp says:

    Thank you

  8. Valhalla says:

    More episodes and 1080p's will be added . please have patience 🙂 

    Thank you very much.

  9. XCX says:

    Is there no WEBRIP for Episode 3? Or is it combined with Episode 4?

  10. Crush says:

    can you do Glitch tv series?

  11. Vandak says:

    glitch would be amazing <3 ! an amazing aussie series 
    just letting you know psa that part 1 of s01 sends me here:

  12. Razzmatazz says:

    Re-encoding the previous seasons! Now that's something I'd like to see more in PSA. Thanks, I'll be waiting for season 2 as well.

  13. Asric says:

    The link for part 1 of the S01 pack just leads back to the main menu; the url shows “correctly”, but doesn’t take me to linkshrink

  14. IronMan123 says:

    Thanks for Season 1. But clicking on "Download part 1" of Season 1 actually takes us to the site's Homepage. Please fix that

  15. Hacker says:

    guys could you please recheck the download link for s01 as the download part1 is broken??

  16. Lef says:

    Thanks a lot for SEASON 1, but download link to Part 1 is broken 😉

  17. puffyexe1 says:

    Thank you so much for adding the previous season(s) pack.

  18. bl4ckfyr3 says:

    Links to part of season 1 redirects to homepage

  19. nikk929 says:

    Hi Valhalla,

    Just wondering, is the S01E01 that's included in the S01 Batch download the original version?  Or the international version? 🙂

    Really glad you guys made a batch-dl for Season One.  Eagerly waiting for Season Two & Fire Walk With Me.

    Thank you again so much!

  20. TVfan says:

    Hey Valhalla can u pls tell us fast if there will be a 1080p of s01?…. I m really impatient to download the season 1

  21. Mrxxx says:

    hope you will do s01 at 1080P too

  22. Darku says:

    Holy fu*k !!! I was thinking about downloading season 1, and here you are with season 1. I love you VALHALLA 😀 😀 . Waiting for season 2. And should I wait for a 1080p 10bit version ?  And can you please give me an update about 13 Reason Why 1080p 10bit version ? Please reply!! Thanks for this one. 

  23. TVfan says:

    Guys your website is having issues. Too many pop ups. Took me nearly 100 popups to post this comment. Cant even surf on your site

  24. kianoosh619 says:

    Thanks Please upload Season 01 & 02 1080P 10bit BluRay.

  25. Cordcutter says:

    Thank you, was thinking of watching this but had never seen the originals, looking forward to season 2, any thought of doing the movie too?  From what I've read it is part of the whole story line of the show too.

  26. azadvinder says:

    Thanks a lot for season 1. waiting for this to appear  — "Twin.Peaks.SEASON.02.S02.COMPLETE.720p.10bit.BluRay.2CH.x265.HEVC"

  27. torskiy says:

    dont know the show. but i'll download it anyway, because its PSArips \m/

  28. TVfan says:

    Hey valhalla, in your option regarding the s01 pack, is the 720p sufficient or is there a significant difference in it and 1080p version?

    • Razzmatazz says:

      I happen to download both of them. I just have a 1080p laptop and there is no significant difference between the two releases in terms of video quality. They're both great. However, 1080p version has 6CH audio while the 720p has 2CH.

  29. connell says:

    Thank you for season 1 in 1080p you rock!

  30. nipsenator says:

    tnQ psa team. waiting for s02. any chance to encode and upload lynch movies in this post too?? that would be perfect and ur first complete collection 😀 . u r the best btw

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces


  31. barney underwood says:

    Wtf the size of a source is huge 200gb.
    Great work guys…

  32. Ara Rezaee says:

    Thank you very much, Valhalla. Had a sweet time watching S01, about to start with S02 as well.

  33. 7akshay86 says:

    Thanks for season 1&2 now i can follow  latest season.

  34. hardarbreh says:

    will be there 1080p for season two ? looking forward to.

  35. Darku says:

    Is Season 2 torrent file missing ? The page is showing an error, ERROR 404. PAGE NOT FOUND. Any solutions ?

  36. ssns1359 says:


  37. piccinotto says:

    International pilot ? please

  38. 4w-temp says:

    I only registered to say a HUGE thank you for encoding & releasing the first two seasons in 1080p x265.

    Keep up the good work!

  39. connell says:

    HOLY SH*T! SEASON 1+2 in 1080p x265. THANK YOU!!!!

  40. Atoz says:

    Thank you guys sooo much for these 1080p/10bit full seasons of _Twin Peaks_! You’ve once again demonstrated that PSA is the HEVC-release site to which all others should aspire.

    One bit of info for those DL’ing S02 in 1080p: The Part-6 file on 2Giga is not what it should be. The 2Giga page for that file says “2004 Mb” (which would be the correct 1.95 GB), but the file you actually get is only 1.51 GB (or a bit over 1500 MB). I had to DL Part 6 again using a different host before the RARs would unpack properly.
    I don’t know whether the other parts hosted by 2Giga are OK or not, but y’all might wanna make sure any files from there are the right size before you DL them.

  41. JustMeOnline says:

    Just registered to thank you for your torrents for this amazing show.

    I would like to know if there’s any chance of Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces appear here for download? It’s the one thing i haven’t seen from this show and for a fan it’s a must see.

    Hope you keep the great work.

  42. Vandak says:

    thankyou for s03e08, and glad yous are all good after the DDoS attack. dont know what id do without yous for entertainment XD love you PSA!

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