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15 Responses

  1. LawlietL says:

    No kidding !! lol
    I was just thinking about @Z Nation ahah!
    Just downloaded your Web-Dl Season 1 torrent xD via kickass
    I will wait for the Web-DL xD
    (A little something to the people who compares this Zombie-Apocalypse TV Series with Walking Dead)
    – This show is not like the Walking Dead…. This one is more action-packed than TWD….
    – More Gore Scenes !!
    – And Its still to early to judge it xD
    – You will see the bars have been raised with the continuity of first season… S02E01 is pretty awesome as compared with the S01 – First half …
    Thanks again mate!! for S01 web-dl torrent!
    Keep up the good work!!! ><

  2. meysam52 says:

    1080p plz tanx doc

  3. bajgur says:

    could you please upload season 1.
    thank you.

  4. Anoxdleo says:

    Update E02E05 720p WEB-DL

  5. Patrix says:

    Doc. please upload latest ep’s web-dl
    Thank you for your awesome work Kudos!!

  6. TheDoctor says:

    can you please reupload season 1

  7. Loki76 says:

    What happened to Episode 5 and 6? did you stop encoding them?

  8. MrBender says:

    Can you do 720P WEB-DL on S2 Eps 5, 6, & 7 please? Thanks.

  9. kenshinmoto says:

    Could you please upload a TV pack for season 2??? I would appreciate it, so much! The links to season 2 aren’t working. Please, Doc. Hear the pleads and prayers of a poor guy. 😀 Love you!

  10. RexPirata says:

    Thanks guys codec x265 Amazing

  11. BugMeNot2K16 says:

    Thank you Very Much For This Upload
    Please complete it and upload the rest of Season 2

    There are 0 good seeded x265 ZNation S02 Torrents

  12. Hetal208 says:

    Please DR.XJ upload the remaining episods or provide season 2 complete episods zip

  13. Ahmed Saied says:

    thaks DR.XJ please upload WEB-DL

  14. perspicacia says:

    Thanks, but why is S03E01 at the top of the list and S03E02 at the bottom?

  15. mousam47 says:

    Can you give a link to download the whole third season.Thank you

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